Congratulations on your pregnancy and a very warm welcome to Positively Blooming


Hello lovely mum-to-be!  Welcome to Positively Blooming hypnobirthing workshops in Lincoln.


Now it really doesn’t matter why you’re here but I’m guessing you’ve either birthed before and don’t want to repeat the experience.   Or you’re a first time mum and you’ve heard a few ‘stories’ about leaving your dignity at the door and you’d prefer to avoid a situation like that if at all possible…


You’re excited about holding your baby in your arms and falling in love with them but not knowing exactly how or when this will happen is probably likely to send you into a frenzy especially if you dwell on it for too long…


Even if this is your second or more baby it still feels like you don’t know ‘how to do it’ because the whole birthing process was taken out of your hands the last time round…


Really, you just want to know if there’s anything you can do to help pop this baby out in an easier, calmer way…


And what about your birth partner, do they need some knowledge about this birthing malarky?


You know in your heart there has to be a better way to birth than the horror stories that appear to be on offer from the media, well meaning friends and family but you just don’t know how yet?


So what if I told you now not to give those birth stories the time of day. That your baby’s birth story is yet to be written, that you have the personal recourses to cope with any given birthing situation. That you could influence your baby’s birth experience and make it a calmer, more positive, more relaxed experience?


So what if I told you now that you that you hold the power to positive birth experience. You have the power to birth your baby calmly, confidently and in full control no matter what turn your baby’s birth takes (because I don’t have a crystal ball and there are so many variables in birth that no birth preparation course ever can offer you a guaranteed outcome).


That with the right information you can gather up your personal recourses, learn to listen to your body recognize what you and your baby need. To learn how to use your mind you help yourself, to work for you opposed to against you (you know that voice in your head that says Oh No! You cant possible do that, well YES actually you can!) allowing you to birth your baby the best way you can.



This hypnobirthing workshop is packed full of simple, easy to get to grips with hypnobirthing tools and techniques that will help you move through your labour calmly, confidently and in full control of your thoughts and emotions.


You can either work together as a dream team with your birth partner or go solo and learn those skills yourself (I have to say I went solo even though my husband was very much around I felt I needed to know I could do it by myself).


This workshop is for you if you want a no nonsense guide to birth and the use of hypnotherapy for childbirth, just simple easy to follow information and proven tools and techniques.


This workshop will suit you if you are planning to birth in hospital, just like I did or at home like many of my previous first time mums have (take a peek at their birth stories here).


This workshop is packed full of activities, audios, transcripts and the odd video to help you gain a fresh perspective on birth.  Helping you to understand the how and why of how hypnobirthing works and in easy bite sized pieces allowing you to fit it all into your lifestyle with ease.


This workshop is for you if you are willing to put in 100% effort, this course will require effort on your part and you will get out of it exactly what you put in but I know you’re wiling to do that, that’s why you’re still are here.

And just for good measure after the workshop, if you wobble along the way, I will catch you, either in-person or over Skype.


So what should you do now?


Take a look around the site, read the testimonials, check out the course details page and remember to sign up your freebies. Then when you are ready book your place on the workshop and I’ll see you there ready to support you through your hypnobirthing journey.

Hypnotherapy for childbirth is, if I’m honest my most favourite subject, it literally changed my life, I can talk for hours about hypnobirthing so if you have any questions get in touch  I’d be delighted to talk to you

Sarah x


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