Feel Calm Confident Capable & Courageous in Labour with The Positive Birth Formula

Congratulations on your pregnancy. How are you feeling?

Overjoyed. Excited. Scared. Overwhelmed.

All of the above!

Pregnancy can bring up a rollercoaster of emotions and for the most part that’s fine, normal in-fact.

But sometimes those anxious thoughts can easily take over and put a dampener on the whole nine months. Making your upcoming birth and transition into motherhood a daunting experience.

Maybe you're worried about the significant changes having a baby will have on your life? Or you are worried how you will cope emotionally?

Are you feeling concerned, not sure if you are ready for the impact a baby will have on your life? You see and hear all the time, the demands a young family can have on you.

You’re pregnant. You’re pleased of course you are but how you think and feel about yourself, and your life is changing.

And you’re questioning your readiness.

If you're anything like my previous clients you have one hundred and one questions filing your mind. Questions such as...

What can I expect in labour ?

When will I know it's right time to go to the hospital?

Will I bond with my baby once it is here?

How will I cope with being tired and sleepless nights?

What will parenting be like?

And will I be good enough?

Will I experience complications that affect me and my unborn baby?

Is labour going to be painful and how long will the whole birthing process be?

Will my partner be ok during the labour process?

Will having a baby change things with my partner?

You could be concerned as...

  • Maybe you have a fear losing control and you've started to give your self a hard time.
  • Perhaps you worry about your performance in labour and your body’s ability to give birth
  • You maybe concerned that you will be unable to cope with labour and suspect it will be a traumatic experience
  • Maybe you have a strong dislike for hospitals
  • Or you’re worried about interacting with health care professionals
  • Perhaps you distrust the obstetric staff
  • Or you are concerned they wont be friendly
  • You worry you might be left alone in labour and that frightens you
  • You fear you’ll look silly or not be involved in any decision-making

Deep down you know that childbirth is safe and having a baby is a positive thing but you can’t help but think about the possibility of negative or harmful outcomes.

There is an underlying fear surrounding you that something is bound to go wrong. So strong is this feeling you're carrying that maybe you’ve put off telling some people that you are pregnant.

Everyone expects you to be happy and glowing now you are pregnant. Dutifully you put on a show for them. No one understands why you’re not permanently brimming over with happiness and you don’t feel you can share these worries with your friends and family for fear of looking daft.

You’re scared of losing control and equally as scared of the responsibility a baby brings.

You are not alone.

The majority of expectant Mums worry about the impact having a baby will have on their life.

Some of those of women suffer so badly with this fear that it can overshadow the whole pregnancy, complicate childbirth and even lead to difficulties bonding in motherhood.

However, research shows that regardless of how deep rooted your fear is, by preparing for childbirth not only will it enhance your birth experience, but it can also promote bonding with your partner and baby leaving you to experience positive parenting once baby has arrived.

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Preparing for childbirth is as important as preparing for any other of life’s events.

The Positive Birth formula will help you to:

  • Build on your confidence to birth your baby and mother your child
  • Reclaim your emotional control before during and after birth
  • Increase your knowledge and awareness of your body's responses
  • Prepare you for any challenges that may occur during your baby’s birth
  • Allow you to respond confidently to any challenging situations in pregnancy, birth and motherhood
  • Trust in your ability to cope with whatever birth brings
  • Manage your thoughts and emotions well in all situations
  • Gain invaluable self insight allowing you to love and accept yourself
  • Build a bond with your baby in pregnancy that will strengthen in motherhood
  • Strengthen your bond with your birth partner making you a formidable team

When you perceive a sense of personal control over your baby’s birth you will feel more capable, confident, calm, courageous and comfortable putting your coping skills into action on the day.

The Positive Birth Formula provides you with an environment where you can learn and share from other expectant Mums who are experiencing similar thoughts and feelings to you. This will help you to move forward with a positive mindset and feel prepared for birth.

Feeling prepared for childbirth and having an awareness of your own amazing abilities makes labour easier, shorter and more comfortable for both you and your baby.

Having an awareness of your birth choices and making those decisions during labour from a place of calmness and confidence will provide you with a positive start to motherhood.

It's amazing how easy it is to nip in the bud any unhelpful thoughts and feelings around pregnancy, birth and motherhood easily allowing you to move forward as the capable women you are.

Understanding you unwittingly create and maintain those fears and anxieties around birth is the key to be becoming free of them.

Together we:

  • Will learn relaxation techniques that help now in pregnancy, during birth and become an invaluable part of your motherhood experience too
  • These same relaxation techniques are a crucial part of breastfeeding should you decide that is what you want to do when your baby arrives
  • We will build up your self esteem and self confidence, stop that habitual comparing and contrasting your self to others
  • Feel confident as a mother and banish self doubt
  • Learn how to manage your worries and greatly reduce your anxiety levels for good
  • Resolve any pesky anxiety based symptoms you maybe experiencing
  • Understand the process of birth and the important part you and your baby play in it
  • Greatly reduce any fear, worries or concerns you maybe having
  • Inform and equip your birth partner in order to be huge support to you and become your advocate
  • Learn effective bonding techniques along with your partner to build on your new relationship with your baby before birth

And if you're worried about asking silly questions along the way, you needn't be as we answer all your questions even the ones that you don’t want to ask. There really is no such thing as a silly question in our community, we give honest, researched based answers where we can or signpost you if necessary.

You and your baby are in safe hands.

The Positive Birth Formula will increase your preparedness for childbirth leaving you with a positive birth memory that'll last you a lifetime.

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The Positive Birth Formula is an Easy Effective & Enjoyable Course

I'm don't normally care for statistics. Spreadsheets are not my thing!

But as part of my business it has been suggested to me that I should gather data on my clients experiences.

All I really care about is you and your perception of birth. Because I know from both years of working with Mums and becoming one myself that when you feel good about your baby's birth it sets you up for motherhood in a positive way.

And that is so important.

The knock on effect of a negative experience can be enormous. I have first hand experience of this from my first birth. As do many of the second or more time Mums that I work with.

And if I can show you how to avoid this as much as you possible, my work is done.

Having gone through the figures it looks like I achieve exactly this.

I'm blown away that 85.71% of my clients take the time to share their positive birth stories with me.

Out of those, 84.85% of them have had positive experiences of birthing in hospitals and 61.67% of my clients achieving this are first time mums (as of March 2018).

But like I said, I don't do this for the numbers I do this so that you and other women like you can birth their baby's feeling calm, confident, capable and courageous.

I look forward to sharing your birth preparation journey with you.

See you in the course!


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The Positive Birth Formula Details

The course is split up into easy to follow modules.

The Welcome and Introduction  is there for you immediately when you enrol.  The subsequent modules will follow at weekly intervals.  Just like this:

Welcome & Introduction

Your Positive Birth Formula is waiting for you as soon as you enrol.  Find out what to expect and how to proceed. To get the best out of this course do not skip this part!

Get stuck in and make the commitment to yourself and your baby with your Birth Preparation Introduction Handbook.

Get a taste for relaxation and start preparing for your baby birth immediately with your Deep Relaxation MP3.

Module 1: TRUTH - Uncovering The Belief Systems, Release & Reclaim

Before you can pave the way for a positive birth experience, one where you feel in-control, calm, safe and supported you have got to clear out the old unwanted beliefs and start with a clean slate - release and reclaim thoughts and emotions that support and help you achieve the positive birth and start to Motherhood you desire.

We will cover The Mind at Work:

  • Beliefs & You
  • Beliefs & Birth
  • Beliefs & The Medical Profession
  • Beliefs & The Media
  • Wiping The Slate Clean
  • Why No Two Births Are The Same
  • The Experiment
  • Coue's Law
  • Demystifying Hypnosis
  • Importance of Pure Relaxation
  • Pregnancy MP3 - Preparing for Birth

Module 2: CONNECTION - The Anxiety Spectrum, Manage & Resolve Anxiety

Step away from the high alert setting once and for all.  Find your new normal and enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy in a state of calmness and relaxation that trickles through to your baby.  Build birth confidence, connection with your baby and learn how to greatly reduce your levels of stress, anxiety, worry and panic for good (YES, for good).

We will cover The Physiology of Your Body & Birth

  • Anxiety, Manage & Resolve
  • The Stress Response
  • Connection & Bonding
  • Positions for Pregnancy & Birth
  • Optimal Position for Baby
  • Estimated Due Dates
  • Labour - a Rule of Thumb
  • Muscles of the Uterus
  • Hormones for Birth
  • The Golden Hour

Module 3: RESILIANCE - The Emotional Control Spectrum, Creating Resilience & Power

Discover what you can and can't control in labour, and in every part of your life.  Free yourself from those unhelpful, unsupportive, out-of-control thoughts and beliefs and create your own self-empowering support system.  Ensure that those out of control experiences are a thing of the past.

We will cover Tools & Techniques for A Positive Birth

  • Emotional Control, Creating Resilience & Personal Power
  • Breathing for Birth
  • Distraction Techniques
  • Natural Pain Management
  • Visualisation Techniques
  • Affirmations
  • Deep Relaxation Guides
  • Step-by-Step Self Relaxation Techniques
  • Thought Filter

Module 4: STRENGTH - Natural Thinking Styles, Identify & Enhance 

Get up close and personal with your natural style of thinking, identify your strengths and step into your power.  Choose the path of least resistance every time enjoying the positive impact it has on you and your baby.

We will cover Personal Insight & Birth Partners Support

  • Natural Style of Thinking, Identify & Enhance Yours
  • Prepare for Parenting MP3
  • Taking care of yourself in labour
  • Birth Partners Support System
  • Supporting  your birthing partner in pregnancy & birth
  • Massage for relaxation and pain management
  • Safety, Security & Support Guide
  • Communicating with ease
  • Practical Stuff (lots of)

Module 5: CONFIDENCE - The Social Pressure Gage, Creating Confidence & Independence

Limit your response to social pressure, by reducing your self conscious reactions, gaining self confidence and making independent informed choices that are right for you and your family.  Make discussions easy in pregnancy, labour and enjoy relaxed and happy start to parenting.

We will cover Building Confidence 

  • Social Pressure, Your Response & Reactions
  • Impact on Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood
  • Leaving Social Anxiety Behind

Approach your Cesarean with Confidence

  • Cesarean Birth Plan
  • Cesarean Planning Activity Book
  • Preparing for Cesearean Relaxation MP3

Turning Breech A Baby

  • Breech Baby Relaxation MP3
  • Turning your baby Activity Book

Module 6: FREEDOM - The Self Evaluation Battery, Recharge & Replenish

Reboot and raise your self-esteem with our two week turn around system, goodbye self doubt and hello self worth. Learn a new language - one of self belief, support and encouragement.

We will cover Emotional Evaluation & Self Belief

  • Self Evaluatuon, Recharge & Replenish
  • Two-week Turn Around System
  • Mind Your Language

Module 7: EMPOWERMENT - The Self Empowerment Mode, Revisit & Reboot

Empowerment comes from within and takes consistent and persistent effort until it becomes second nature. Build good strong roots and be positive blooming for life. This will stand you in good stead and allow you to weather any storm.  Model good mental health to your children as they grow.

We will cover Eternal Self Empowerment 

  • Persistency & Consistency
  • Building Strong Roots to Emotionally Bloom
  • Managing Lifes Storms
  • Modelling Good Mental Health to Your Children


  • LIVE Q&A With Our Practicing Academic Midwife
  • New Mummy Resources Delivered Once Your Baby Has Arrived
  • Breast-Feeding Trouble Shooting Guide
  • Private Supportive Facebook Group
  • Weekly Q&A sessions

Enrol in The Positive Birth Formula

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts 1st February 2019 and runs as a LIVE group coaching program for 8 weeks. But really it never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. You can repeat the course after you've had your baby, and pretty much anytime when you’ve realised a new anxious thought process as you go through motherhood. And you can join in the LIVE group coaching rounds as often as you like.
Does the course include hypnosis for birth (hypnobirthing) ?
Yes. We've taken all the best bits of hypnotherapy & hypnobirthing so you'll receive all the hypnobirthing tools and techniques for birth PLUS we use CBT to work on strengthening your core psychological roots in order to greatly reduce anxiety.
Does the course include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) ?
Yes. As a therapist I walk you through our CBT framework specifically for pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Together we overcome your anxious thoughts, fears, phobias, and anxiety related symptoms. The Positive Birth Formula is a complete prenatal health and well-being programme.
Will I still need to take an antenatal course?
No. We cover everything you'd find in a antenatal course to prepare you for birth PLUS the hypnotherapy & CBT to help you strengthen your emotional well-being.. You even have our Midwife Jules on hand to answer your midwifery questions in our private group.
Is online study as affective as in-person?
Yes. Research shows that clients who work remotely can achieve the desired results in exactly the same way as clients that work in-person. In some cases its better as you are relaxed in your home environment and we learn better when we are relaxed.
When is a good time to start the course?
Honest answer, at any time before 36 weeks. Most antenatal courses say from 20 weeks pregnancy simply because you've had all your scans by this point. BUT this course is different, its designed to help you manage the highs and lows of pregnancy. So if you're struggling emotionally at 6-weeks do the course. We will reduce your anxious mind making the rest of your pregnancy easier. If you're feeling out of control emotionally at 15 weeks, do the course and reclaim control over your thoughts and emotions. If you've just found us and you are 36 weeks, do the course all the birth stuff is in the first 4 weeks and you can continue with the course after the birth of your baby, you will still reap the benefits. Anxiety doesn't just go once baby is here. And remember you can revisit the content again in motherhood. A good time to start is when you are ready.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.
Can I email Sarah my questions directly?
Yes but it is advisable to ask all course related questions and get feedback in the Facebook group (Sarah is in there regularly). If you have a tech or account problem please email sarah@positivelyblooming.com .
What if I need more help ?
We have weekly calls in our group where I can address your questions. There is also an option for us to work together 1-2-1.
What are the core modules you refer too when you talk about revisiting the course after birth?
The core modules consist of the CBT framework we use for overcoming fears, phobias, stress, anxiety and anxiety related symptoms. You can use them time and time again to work through any worries or challenges you have as a new Mother.
Do I still have access to the course after six weeks?
Yes of course! You have life-time access to the course plus any future updates. You can go through it at your leisure or repeat it when you’ve realised a new anxious thought process as you go through motherhood.
When is a good time to start the course?
Honest answer, at any time. Most antenatal courses say from 20 weeks pregnancy simply because you've had all your scans by this point. This course is designed to help you manage the highs and lows of pregnancy so if you're struggling emotionally at 6-weeks do the course we will reduce your anxious mind making the rest of your pregnancy easier. If you're feeling out of control emotionally at 15 weeks, do the course and reclaim control over your thoughts and emotions. If you've just found us and you are 36 weeks, do the course all the birth stuff is in the first 4 weeks and you can re-visit the content again in motherhood. A good time to start is when you are ready.
Should you do it over 6 weeks and go through each lesson one by one?
Yes, absolutely when you do the course the first time. You’ll receive an email each week with the new lessons so you can follow the course in a logical, chronological order. I would advise this when you are preparing for birth however, when you revisit the course after birth chose the module that speaks to you at that time (I'm always happy to guide you with this).
I'm not anxious about birth I'm just not thinking about it, do I still need all this?
Yes. Is my advice to you. Antenatally, if you dont know your options during birth you dont have any choices. Birth wise if you dont have any coping tools or techniques up your sleeve you'll find coping with labour harder. Mindfully, if you've ever felt anxious, overwhelmed, worried, judged, self-critical or any of those things this course will help you manage them and overcome for good. The last thing you want to do with a new baby is feel any of those things.
Can my birth partner be involved in the course?
Yes. We have a birth partners support module so they can be your biggest champion during labour. They can also go through all the course materials with you and benefit from the CBT framework both before and after baby's arrival. Some partner we have worked with in the past have had symptoms they want to clear up before baby arrives and again post birth.
Can I binge watch all the content now?
You’ll receive a weekly email with a reminder of new modules released. The modules will be release over the next eight-weeks. Take your time it can take a little while to let the lessons integrate. There is no rush. After the eight weeks you go through to your hearts content.
What is the best way to do the course?
There is no “best way” but we do have suggestions for you! Go through the course in the order the lessons and modules appear to begin with, once you’ve had your baby you can revisit the Core Psychological Roots Sessions as often and in any order you want.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. This course will have you ready for birth and you can revisit the core modules as you go through life as a new Mum too.
What if I'm past 36 weeks and still want to do something to prepare for birth?
Email me sarah@positivelyblooming.com and we can organise something suitable for you.