Should I make a birth plan?

birth plan

Should I make a birth plan?

"If birth never goes according to plan what's the point in making one?" is something I am often asked.

And I'm afraid there isn't a straight up answer to this one. Whist YES, one half of me believes you should make one, the other half of me says NO.

The subject of birth plans isn't quite so black and white as it would first seem.

If you don’t write down what you would like to happen in an ideal birth scenario, then nobody is going to know what you want.  And if the people caring for you don't know want you want how can they help you?

The other thing is, if you dont have an idea of want you would like during birth.  Your motivation to take the necessary steps to help you get there will be missing.

On the flip side to that.   If you write a plan, believe it wholeheartedly to come true and your baby has others ideas.  There's a chance you'll be left feeling disappointed. And no-one wants that either.

The way we teach making a birth plan is different to most schools of thought.

Because birth, like life doesn't come with a guarantee the contrarian in me wants to tell you to tear up that plan!

You see for some of us plans can make you feel rigid, like you have to stick to them to get the desired result. This is especially the case if you naturally think in absolute terms. Anything that takes you off plan into the grey unknown, can make you feel uncomfortable and out of control.

Let's say your going to a dear friends wedding, it's a few hours drive away.  Due to work commitments you arrange to drive up that morning and set your alarm for 6am. You make a plan to ensure that you get to the wedding destination at least two hours early.  This will give you time to check in to hotel and freshen up before the service.

You plan to get up, have breakfast, check you have everything packed and leave in plenty of time. If all goes well, you’ll get there for around 10am.

If something goes awry, say you sleep through the alarm, the car doesn't start or maybe the main road you want is shut due to roadworks. Then all of a sudden the plan you made has failed, leaving you feeling let down, disappointed and out of control.   You feel like this whether it’s something that you could have done or somebody else should have done.  Fact is, the plan has not worked.

Here's the thing with making birth plans.

They tend to feel quite rigid and if X, Y, and Z hasn't happen to get the desired result you can be left feeling deflated. Unfortunately, birth just has too many variables for plans made in this way. Your mindset needs to be able to adapt and your thinking needs to flexible. This way you can ride the waves of uncertainty childbirth brings.

Because we never know exactly what’s going to happen.

Feeling capable, knowing you can meet whatever is presented to you on the day is a much healthier place to be than focusing only on what you would like to happen.

So out with the rigid plan and in with the capable mindset and, of course, the tools to ride the waves of uncertainty.

We like the word intentions here at PBHQ it’s just much calmer feel to it and allows you to be more flexible and evolve with the circumstances you're in. Setting an intention to be, calm, confident, capable and courageous is about saying, ‘I know I have the emotional resilience and coping skills to manage my birth positively.

With this mindset you just evolve and ride those waves of labour.

Knowing you have this capable mindset and the necessary tools in place is a much healthier place to be as you approach, plan and prepare for your baby's arrival.

Let me know have you made any mindful birth intentions for your upcoming birth. Ideally, how would you like to feel in labour? Or maybe you made plans with a previous birth experience, how did that go for you? I’d really love to know.

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Rosalyn’s Positive Hypnobirthing Induction Story

If you're worried about being booked in for an induction I want you to know they can be positive.  Before you book in for yours make sure you have asked all the right questions and are happy with the choice you make.

The tools and techniques you have learned in our courses will be even more profound during an induction.  But dont take my word for it.  You can read Rosalyn and baby Sebastian's Positively Blooming Hypnobirthing story here

Hi Sarah, just wanted to let you know how things went. The pessary started my labour with contractions after 14hrs of it in. My waters broke about 6hrs after that. I then had regular contractions 6mins apart for about 45mins apart but then contractions totally stopped. After 24hrs of pessary in they decided I would be put on the drip to start it off again.. So far I'd had no pain relief.

I got put on the syntocinon drip at 7pm at a small dose. At 12ml per hour (max normally 20)I still wasn't experiencing any pain from contractions but the monitor on me showed I was having them and the midwife could feel them. I was so relaxed I couldn't feel anything. They had to up me to a further prescribed level of 24ml per hour of syntocinon which finally got the contractions off to a flying start. I lasted with my breathing and Hypnobirthing techniques for 6hrs before I would use gas and air. I lasted on gas and air for 2hrs before I asked for an epidural. I had no gaps between surges and it felt like things were cracking on at one hell of a pace.

The anaesthetist wasn't available for a couple of hours as was in theatre. Once the anaesthetist arrived to do the epidural it was 5am and I'd been in labour virtually just using my Hypnobirthing techniques. He was amazed that I'd gone that long on the highest dose of drip with no pain relief! Unfortunately it took 5 goes to get the epidural in but I was so zoned into relaxing and not moving for the epidural that I almost stopped feeling the contractions again.

Once the epidural was in I then relaxed again but my body stopped having the regular contractions again and at my exam (5pm nearly 24hrs on the drip) we found out I was only 3.5cm dilated and my cervix had swollen and got thicker. At that point we knew I had to have a C-section.

I was still able to use my Hypnobirthing techniques to get me through the mort relaxing major surgery and my little boy was delivered quickly and straight into recovery. We tried skin to skin with me but they hadnt left quite enough room for that so my husband took his scrub top off and held our little boy inches from my face while I got stitched up.

Sebastian was born at 7:51pm on Thursday 25th October. In recovery we did skin to skin immediately and he successfully breast fed from both sides. Without doubt I would have had a much more traumatic induction if I'd not got my HELP and BRAINS mnemonics and my breathing techniques sorted out.

He wasn't big so the reason for induction was a total waste of time (was born 7lb 1oz) and apart from a brief scare down in NICU at 24hrs old, as his sugar levels dropped to 1.7 and they kept hold of him for 3 hours he is doing well, is a totally relaxed and happy baby.

Thank you for your course, expertise and Facebook group xxx

Congratulations to Rosalyn, mr. Rosalyn and baby Sebastian Thank you for sharing your birth story with us. Sebastian is gorgeous and you were brilliant ❤️

I Had A Great Birth

Today is my wedding anniversary. We got married six-weeks after the birth of our first baby. This was back in 2006 the year before apple released the iPhone, when clunky Motorola’s were the thing to pop into your Mulberry Roxanne.  I don’t feel like dancing by the Scissor Sisters was the song of the year that played on repeat.

I had no idea what becoming a Mother was about.

I’d played hard and worked hard for all of my 20’s. None of my friends had children, babies didn’t really exist within my social circles. I had been living in London, had a good job and lot of nights out.

Towards the end of our pregnancy I started to think about my new role as a Mum, I’ve got to be honest it was daunting. Yoga pants weren’t and still aren’t my thing so joining yoga classes to Zen out was a no-no for me.

Local NCT groups advertised along the lines of ‘make new friends for life’.

As much as I love people I’m an introvert so sitting in a room for hours on end talking about birth outcomes with a group of total strangers felt yuck.

I was heavily pregnant completely out of my comfort zone and I felt that discomfort in the pit of my stomach.

There didn’t seem to be anything out there to prepare a strong, determined, open minded, pregnant woman for birth. Nothing.

So when we went past our baby's due date we dutifully booked in for an induction. I believed I would be looked after by my midwife and come home with a baby.

And I was and I did.

What I didn’t know was how out of control and processed I would feel or how that feeling would linger on for months to come.

How is it that a reasonably intelligent, problem solving, flexible thinking, action taking kind of person could end up feeling processed at the most magical time of her life.

It was like being pregnant and having a baby had made me forget who I was.

Fast forward 18 months, and we are married with a toddler and pregnant with baby number two. Connecting to the world via my brand new iPhone I discovered that I did't need to surrendered to an over worked Maternity system, I could have a different kind of birth. And so we invested our time and money into a training course that completely changed our world.

This time round I flexed my mind muscle.

I took ownership of what was to come. I was determined to create a different experience; I armed myself with knowledge, self-insight and the confidence needed to trust myself to know and do what was best for us.

I dreamt everyday about my baby’s birth and how we would feel in labour. I wrestled with my need to know the outcome in advance and made one up the suited me. I made myself accountable everyday for my baby’s birth outcome and everyday took the necessary steps to achieve a positive birth.

My emotional resilience tank was full to bursting and I was ready to ride the waves of uncertainty that childbirth can bring.

In the meantime, I was told not to set myself up with high expectations, as I’d be disappointed when I suffered again.

I was told only the lucky few have positive birth experiences and if they enjoyed birth ... well ... there must be something wrong with them.

I was told birth was something you just had to go and get on with. Suffering during this time was normal and too be expected.

I smiled, put my hands over my ears and sang lalala I’m not listening.

I had a great birth.

At 9.30 am on 28th March 2008 I discovered how amazing I was, how clever, strong and powerful I could be. Bowled over by my own brilliance I had a thirst for more knowledge and so it began. My third baby was conceived.

Positively Blooming is over ten years old and over the last decade I have had the privilege to work with 100’s and 100’s of women as they uncover their inner strength in preparation for their baby's arrival.

My aim is for you when we work together is to discover just how calm, confident and courageous you really are and not to let your brilliance lie dormant for any longer than it needs too.

I wonder what the next twelve years of marriage will uncover. Between you and me I think our third baby is ready and waiting to expand.


Positive birth experiences are open to everyone

You are not weak; so let's knock that one on the head before we start. You are growing a baby, you are doing the most amazing thing, nurturing and nourishing a whole new life.

I know you don't want any special allowances made either just because you are pregnant. But let me share this with you .... if you're not 'keeping up' with our old life now in pregnancy it's okay. It doesn't make you vulnerable or weak.

And no-one thinks any less of you (spoiler alert: because they are too busy thinking about themselves).

Society may not value Mums enough but that doesn't mean you, I or anyone else for that matter needs to follow that poor, woefully outdated example.

You are enough.

You have choices and you do not need to change. And trust me here you don't have to go vegan to fit. Nor do you need to start yoga classes. And you don't need to go all green and crunchy either.

Positive birth experiences are open to everyone and to claim yours you need to embrace your own inner brilliance, develop self-empowerment and make the right decisions for you. You need to know what's important to you, your partner and baby and then equip yourself with some new knowledge, skills and self-understanding for a positive birth and start to parenting.

And that's exactly what we do when we work together. We say goodbye to self-doubt, feeling overwhelmed, scared and anxious. We embrace your flexible thinking, reason with the high expectations you may have set for yourself and find your unique formula for a calm, confident and courageous birth and start to parenting.

Take the next step, book a time to chat and find out if this is the right next move for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Hypnobirthing And Rose Tinted Spectacles

Hypnobirthing And Rose Tinted Spectacles

Hypnobirthing And Rose Tinted SpectaclesI have a question for you and I hope it makes you stop, think and smile at the possibility that lies before you ...

When you view birth which lens do you look through, the rose, clear, or poopy brown tinted lens?

I'm asking because the way you view birth is important. It will effect the outcome of your birth experience regardless of what actually, physically happens on the day.

Birth is 10% what happens and 90% how YOU think and a feel about it.  And there is a heap of evidence out there to support my saying.

Your experience doesn’t have to be a bed of roses nor a complete heap of poop for it to be positive.  You dont have to like the way your baby is born BUT you do need to recognise your coping skills.  You need to have  a belief in your ability to use these coping skills. Use them to best effect when any waves of uncertainty come your way.

Perspective is the most powerful thing you can have for positive birth experience.

A clear perspective allows your mind to remain free from self doubt, worry and anxious thoughts.   A clear mind impacts your feelings in a positive way leaving you feeling like everything is just right in your world.  That place where everything is just in your world is a place where you feel calmness, confidence and courageousness.  This is the formula that will bring about your positive experience.  Finding your unique formula for birth is what we do when we work together.

Which lens will you wear when you birth your baby?  When we work together we take those brown ones off and toss them aside.  We firmly place the clear ones on and then most of my clients switch to the rosy ones once they've realise their own inner brilliance.  You can find their amazing birth stories all over our website.

Message me to find out more


Find Your Power And Use It Wisely

Quite possibly one the juiciest pillars of all in The Breakthrough Formula is The Strengths Pillar.
My clients have so many breakthroughs at this point in the programme, and the relief they experience is cathartic.

Uncover Your Emotional Strength

When we uncover our emotional strengths we also reveal our some of our weaknesses too and that’s okay. This kind of information will allow us to take the path of least resistance every time.
When you uncover your emotional strengths you’ll discover how to work with them.

This kind of self-understanding is essential in helping you:

  • Stay in-control of your thoughts and feelings as you make decisions that affect your day-to-day life
  • Keep you calm, relaxed and positive regardless of what challenges life throws your way
  • Achieve all the health, wealth and happiness you desire
  • And to help maintain that a new relaxed way of being that’ll have a positive knock on effect within all your relationships
Lets’ explain in little more detail.
A emotional strength is like a personal characteristic or quality. Its something that you do that makes you feel energised or in flow with your surroundings, it is something you naturally do and have the potential to make it your biggest asset
It’s shown in the way you think, behave and feel; when identified and applied consciously, it helps you to respond positively to any challenges your faced with and to optimize your day-to-day life.

Optimising your strengths also comes with a warning.

There is a down side to optimising your strengths and that is when over used your strength can become a weakness in other areas of your life.
An over used emotional strength is when you misuse this quality in the wrong way, at the wrong time or in the wrong situation.
Learning to recognise your emotional strengths and put them to good use will help you manage, and become aware of overdoing your strengths.
You’ll learn a lot about your levels of stress and anxiety through your emotional strengths.
The Strength Spectrum is one of the Seven Pillars that make up The Breakthrough Formula. If you’d like to find out how you can make anxiety your friend, get in touch via the page.

What’s Knicker Elastic Got To Do With It?

We’ve all got one.

You know that friend that looks completely un-phased when life chucks her a big fat juicy lemon.  She doesn’t fall down or walk around with a sour look on her face.

No, she takes the lemon and makes that proverbial glass of lemonade.

You know that girl I’m referring too? We all know at least one like her.

She’s resilient like the elastic in a new pair of knickers.

Pings back into shape without a sideways glance.

Why is that?

First thing that’s springs to most people's mind when I ask this questions is, its in her DNA, it’s a trait and she must have been born with it. Then, following on from that the next thing people tend to say is, she has had a charmed existence and been protected from life’s knocks. So its easier for her.

Rarely does anyone say its because she’s learned how to respond positively to situations she finds herself in whether she likes that situation or not.

People learn how to bounce back after a knock, just like those toys that wobble but don’t fall down, Weebles.

This kind of learned response is called resilience. Resilience isn’t just your ability to bounce back from life’s knocks, but also your capacity to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances, whilst maintaining stable mental and emotional wellbeing.

Resilience is a learned behaviour, which means you can be resilient just like that girl we mentioned earlier.

You can have that capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; that emotional toughness that helps you to recover from illness, change, or misfortune.

And I can show you how in The Breakthrough Formula.

Those of us that build up our emotional strength are less likely to suffer from anxiety, fears, phobias, stresses, and depression. We are also less likely to have habits and behaviours such as, over exercising, over eating, over spending (yes I see you), gambling, drinking one too many regularly, speeding when you think no-one is watch and drug taking.

And of course those of us that build up our emotional strength will model resilience to our children, making the next generations mental health and well-being stronger.

If you want ot find out more about The Breakthrough Formula get in touch and we’ll book a time to chat, this could be just what you’re looking for.


If I had the confidence I would … [fill in the blank]

If I had the confidence I would … [fill in the blank]

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been sharing with you some personal and professional stories from The Breakthrough Formula. And this week I thought I’d share with you one exercise that’ll help you gauge where your self-confidence levels are on The Confidence Spectrum.

So give yourself ten-minutes now and discover if your confidence could use a boost.

Ready? Let’s go…

Answer these questions as honestly as you can without over thinking them.

How do you view yourself?

No honestly, how do you view yourself?

Make a note now, write a few lines, a paragraph, or go for it and fill the page.

Then read it, back what does it say?

Do others view you the same way?

The answer to the last question is probably NO.

It’s really easy for us to view ourselves in a negative light. It's easy to see our flaws, our imperfections, and all those things we dislike about ourselves that others rarely see.

Now give yourself an appraisal, just like your manager would at work. Write it down. And read it back to yourself, what does it say?

Compare the two and tell me is your view of yourself honest?

Distorted? Positive? Negative? Supportive?

The bigger the discrepancy between how you view yourself and how others view you the lower your self confidence is likely to be.

Your self-confidence does not need to be really low in order for you to start feeling out of control. For you to start feeling anxious. For you to start being held back in your life, your work and your relationships.

Your confidence will take a dip every time you view yourself in a negative light. Or believe yourself to not be capable to a given situation or to keep telling yourself you don’t know the answer.

Your confidence level dives when your grumble at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself your not worthy, likable, bright or that you are or have been a bad person at one time or another.

Your self-confidence is a reflection of how you view yourself, your self-esteem, and your self-evaluation. It’s not based on how others see you.

Nor is it based on the truth.

Your self-confidence has to come from within for it to be long lasting and worthwhile. Having someone ‘give’ you confidence is all well and good but…

Let me explain.

Now I have a lovely husband, he is very kind and supportive BUT if he tells me I'm lovely or I look nice in that outfit and I feel like rubbish, I won't listen.

I won't believe what he says

I'll dismiss it.

I go with my own thoughts; after all they are stronger, more reliable, more predictable.

So if I think I look rubbish and then I’ll feel rubbish regardless of what he (or anyone else) says.

Supposing I did listen to him, well relying on others to lift yourself self-confidence won't help you long term.

Only ever in the moment.

So it’s good I don't rely on him (or anyone else) for my self-confidence, what if he wasn't there one day or was so busy he didn't compliment me or add any value to my sense of self?

Where would that leave me?

Self confidence has to come from within, you need to view yourself positively, be supportive, and be kind, process all that you do. Even when you don't get the outcome you think you want.

Your self-confidence needs to be constantly charged up, just like the battery on your phone. You easily keep that charged without thinking about it too much don't you?

That's what I want you to be doing with your self-confidence. Keep topping it up like that battery on your phone until it becomes second nature to you.

Here's one thing you can do everyday.

Everyday from now on make sure you process the effort you've put in to your day.

Whether that’s being on time for the school run, work or college. Planning your meals, packing your healthy lunch. Answering your emails, making those calls. Getting on top of the ironing and walking the dog.

Each thing your process in a helpful and supportive way will boost you confidence levels and change the way you view your self.

Process it, process it all.

My clients often dream of being more confident but fear they can only have that confidence if they loose weight first or pass an exam, get a pay rise and drive a better car, live somewhere different, have lots of friends or get lots of likes on Facebook or Instagram.

So you can imagine the relief when I tell them they can have all the confidence they desire without the added pressure of achieving the above first.

And usually the things in the list above naturally follow on or no longer matter to them.

It’s not their fault, this gross misunderstanding of where confidence comes from, its not your either.

If no one has ever taught you this stuff how would you ever know?

We aren’t born knowing, the same as we aren’t born with or without confidence.   Its learned, it acquired as we go through life.  During our time together we re-learn confidence one step at a time, and we build it from within first and foremost.

Confidence comes quicker than you could ever possibly imagine. My clients often report feeling much more confident after our initial consultation and by session four their faces are somehow lighter, brows smoother, shoulders more relaxed, their posture changes.

They quickly and easily find their own confidence and it’s a wonderful thing to see the transformation-taking place.

The exercise above, I hope you have a go at it. To start with you may find it difficult, processing all the tiny little things you do. and are in the habit of dismissing.  That's probably because you, your family and society in general expect you to do these every day things and it can be hard ‘blowing your own trumpet'.

But think about that for a second why do you not process every little achievement you make?

Was it because you were brought up believing no one likes a big head?

Or that it’s not socially acceptable to boost about your achievements?

Maybe verbalising your achievements might make someone else close to you feel bad.   So you end up stopping altogether. And you start to dismiss these tiny little day-to-day things.  And wait for the bigger stuff to materialise or someone else to compliment your achievement.

You don’t need to open the window for all to hear and shout out I am amazing today I’ve cleaned the oven.   Although in my house cleaning to oven would be an amazing thing to have happened.  You just need to tell yourself you’ve done alright.  With the time you had, the information you have to hand in that moment and the energy levels you have to day, you’ve done your best.

A realistic, positive and supportive appraisal of the day.

This little set back you might be experiencing, this lack of confidence is easy to beat, you just need to know how and that’s what we do in The Confidence Spectrum, one of the seven pillars we walk through in The Breakthrough Formula.

Make a start with that exercise today and let me know how you get on with it, I'd really love to know and look forward to hearing from you.

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I’m on about Freedom but not the Wham song from the 90’s

I'm on about Freedom but not the Wham song from the 90's .
I'm on about freedom from those crippling bouts of anxiety, the ones where you feel sick to pit of your stomach and want to cry.
Well, what if I told you there was a way for you to have freedom from those moments.
Would you want to know more?
You see, I used to feel anxious and 'on the spot' around authority figures. At school it was the teachers and older kids from the cool group.
Freedom from social anxietyAt work it was management meetings and presentations, sometime even getting up from my desk and walking across the open office floor would do it. I’ve always hated the feeling of being criticised, so at work I’d work really hard at being good and getting things right.
When I fell pregnant, the anxious feeling came when it was time to make decisions about my care, if I asked questions I automatically felt stupid for not know the answers and ‘putting them out’. I guess this was a throw back to my school days in the classroom.
As a new Mother those anxiety levels would escalate. Especially if was I was walking into a well-established Mother and baby group. I’d sometimes blush or stutter when talking to people, or say the wrong thing, or at least think I’d say the wrong thing. So I’d say very little. I’d be the quite one in the corner, trying not to look awkward.
It got to the point where I’d start to avoid social events because I felt uncomfortable. I’d make up excuses in my head not to go to that baby group coffee morning or keep up the baby class. Telling myself its baby’s time to sleep and attending wouldn’t put him out of routine and I wouldn’t want that.
Have you even done that, made excuses to avoid the feeling of anxiety?
My social circle as a new parent got steadily smaller and smaller.
I reached a place where I knew I had to overcome these feelings, that they had taken over and made life miserable. And that was when I changed my life for the better. That’s when I invested in my emotional health and well-being.
Mental health can be a bit of a taboo subject. A topic that gets brushed under the carpet, it can feel shameful, leave you feeling guilty, incapable and incompetent. You feel like no-one wants to listen to your troubles and just supposing they did, you don’t want to burden anyone either.
So you go deeper inside your mind and the issues get bigger.
You feel judged and criticised enough without spilling the beans on how you really feel and confirming their thoughts and your fears.
Catch twenty-two springs to mind or ever decreasing circles. I call it getting stuck inside The Anxiety Loop.
Over the last 10 years I’ve see this pattern repeat itself in many of my clients. Some of them are pre pregnancy; some expecting and many of them are Mothers. These issues tend to get bigger in motherhood.
They tell me they;
• Avoiding being centre of attention
• That making a fool of themselves is one of their worst fears
• Often feel panicky when around new people
• Need the approval of others, especially those close to them
• Go out of their way to people please
• Feel uncomfortable being semi naked in front of their partner since giving birth
• Often chose their words carefully, to make sure they say the right thing
• Go back to work and sometimes feel like a fraud and that people will see through them
• Dislike or avoid going to the toilet when other may be able to hear me
• Would just 'die of embarrassment' if I had wind in front of their peers and colleagues
• Fear pooping in labour
Like my clients, when they first come to see me, I couldn’t fully comprehend there was a way to be free from these uncontrollable feelings. I’d dream about a life free from anxious feelings but I honestly thought I had been born like it, it was just how it was for me and some people are just luckier than others.
I’d tell myself to dream on.
You see I didn’t know any better back then, it wasn’t my fault I just hadn’t learned how to manage my mind. So it was no wonder I kept failing. Failure was what I saw through my eyes anyway.
It’s okay to have and to be experiencing this kind of anxiety or something similar. Sometimes there is good reason for your anxiety BUT sometimes its old experiences, thoughts and feelings suck on repeat. Stuck in The Anxiety Loop that I mentioned earlier.
When it gets to bad for us to cope with alone we are encouraged to go to the GP, The doctor might prescribe antidepressants or tell you to self refer to your local talking therapies service. Not wanting to medicate you feel there is some hope with the local talking therapies service only to be told the wait list is long and for you to overcome your anxiety will take time.
Deflating isn’t it having that rug pulled from under you again, where do you do from here?
Be kind to yourself someone once said to me when I was at my worst. I didn’t know how to be kind to myself and even if I did, I didn’t think I deserved kindness. After all I been so crap at everything it felt like a bit of wash out.
Just think positively, someone else said. I tried this, it was okay when left to my own devises but when I put myself back in those situations my anxiety ignited, bigger and stronger than ever, It was just another thing that didn’t work. Another thing that cemented my belief further that this was just how it is for me.
The official terminology for these feelings is social anxiety. Some of us are more predisposed to suffering social anxiety than others BUT that doesn’t mean you still have to suffer.
Let me repeat that bit. Just because you are more prone to social anxiety doesn’t mean you have to suffer with it.
So you can breathe a big sigh of relief.
Now if you resonate with any of what I have written above and you want to be free for these feeling once and for all, know there is a way forward for you and over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing more information on how you can do this once and for all.
Just like I have.
Freedom from those uncontrollable unnecessary bouts of anxiety, sound good?
Freedom from social anxietyThe Freedom Spectrum is one of the Seven Pillars that I’ll walk you through in The Breakthrough Formula. A formula that is unique to you that’ll show you how to make anxiety your friend.
Email me to find out how The Breakthrough Formula can help you.