Are there really only two options when it comes to birth?

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I recently read a thread on an antenatal educator group I belong to and it shocked me!

The comment was something along the lines of 'Birth it seems has two options medical or hypnobirth. Why can’t women just be aloud to birth? Why do they have to be denied their own capabilities!"

Well as you can imagine it caused quite a storm, one that’s still raging now but what was it that shocked me?

Two things, firstly, that this particular antenatal educator knew nothing about hypnobirthing if she did she wouldn't have made that comment.

Secondly, my own assumption that because I know everyone else must know what hypnosis is and what having a hypnobirth really means.

So on recognising this really isn't the case I thought I'd take sometime out to tell you what hypnobirthing is to me.

It seems that the majority of people when they think of hypnosis, think of a stage hypnotist mesmerizing the poor unsuspecting member of the audience and making him or her do silly things - well that just ain't real!

That is quiet simply an entertainers illusion, after all no one can make someone do something that they do not want to do, have you ever got someone to do something against their will?  With this in mind its no wonder that people think in hypnobirthing they will be under someone else’s control, don’t know about you but that would put me right off.

So what is this hypno-business then you may well ask.  Well its simple, its all about allowing yourself to get into a deep state of relaxation, where your breathing is deep and calm, your mind and body are working with you as opposed to having a row with you. Where your rational brain is working freely and your emotional brain isn’t getting the way.

A state of deep relaxation that you control yourself, there is no IT controlling YOU because IT is YOU. And you can take it to where you want too, wherever you need too, depending on your birthing circumstances.

And lets face it, in birth that could be anywhere as there are so many varying factors that effect birth.  I for one couldn't possibly say where you’d end up with it as I don't own a time machine and I bet you don't either – no I didn't think you did!

But I do no one thing and that is that what ever type of birth you have you will manage better having refreshed and learnt to ulitise these innate skills you have which are largely left untapped into on a day to day basis.

So in answer to that educator’s question…Are there really only two options when it comes to birth?

No, there is only one way to birth and that’s your way! And if you choose to use hypnobirthing to remind you of something that you do naturally day in and day out without even realizing it, to remind you of your strength, your capabilities and your confidence so you can birth your baby the best way you can then that’s great.

Knowledge is power and a good hypnobirth antenatal class should provide you with that so you can be allowed to birth and reach your own individual potential.

So if you know someone that could do with being reminded about their strength, capability and find their birthing confidence share this with them so they can get in touch!

Sarah x

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Pregnancy and Birth Lincoln

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Pregnancy and Birth Lincoln

Pregnancy and Birth Lincoln. Congratulations on your pregnancy and congratulations on finding Positively blooming!

I'm Sarah and I work with mums-to-be just like you.  I suppport you through your journey from pregnancy and birth Lincoln.  So whether you are looking for help with morning sickness and adjusting to the changes in your body in the first trimester.  Or overcoming your fears and phobias surrounding birth.  Maybe you want to give up smoking but are finding it difficult or you just want to see what all this hypnobirthing marlarky is all about.  Then you've come to the right place!

I've help many many ladies over years in Essex, where mt hypnobirthing journey began.  London where I currently work with mums-to-be on 1-2-1 basis and now Lincolnshire where I have relocated with my family.  My aim is for you to be ready for labour and prepared for the arrival of the new love of their life's.  If you want to find out more about what I offer there's a few things you can do...

You can give me buzz or text on 07908 765745

You can pop a email over to

you can join the mailing list, here you will get some really useful free stuff!! And information on workshops courses.


Find us in the Facebook group for all things pregnancy and birth Lincoln, here’s the link

The FB group is for some light hearted fun, baby news and local events all posted with you and your bump in mind.

And to top that, I just so happen to know some really lovely practioners that specalise in pregnancy and birth related issues so if I cant help you I probably know someone that can.

So If you’ve just screamed OMG I’m pregnant! then relax, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Theres nothing else in the world quite like it.

Sarah x

Pregnancy and Birth Lincoln

Pregnancy and Birth Lincoln




In the baby business Lincolnshire

In the baby business Lincolnshire

Have you seen it yet? In the baby business Lincolnshire, if not you can now view it here:

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The very first edition of In the baby business Lincolnshire Autumn/Winter 2015/16 is out now!

In it you will find some of Lincolnshire’s finest baby products and services, for all your prenatal and postnatal needs.  So keep your eyes pealed for your copy and when you see it, take an extra one for a friend.

Inside your directory you will find, maternity and newborn photography, fun classes like hartbeeps and music with mummy.  Baby massage and yoga, gifts, post and pre natal support.  Health and well being services, such as hypnotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology, pregnancy massage and bowen therapy.   Childcare services, first aid, weening support, aqua natal and baby swimming lessons and of course hypnobirthing.

And its totally FREE!

The directory is run on a not for profit basis by us mumtrupeners and all work that goes into the directory is done out of love for our jobs.  We gather the information and disturute ourselves, being a group of mums in similar business means we work together for the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

There is nothing more powerful than a group of ladies pulling in the same direction!

We've popped our directories in Mothercare, Babies R Us, Asda, Morisons, Sainsburys and Waitrose.  Our local stores, libraries, surgeries and waiting rooms and of course all our clients get a copy too.  If you think you would like to stock some of the In the baby business Lincolnshire directories, email me at I will be delighted to get that organised for you.

And finally, If you are one of Lincolnshire’s finest baby services or a stockest of beautiful baby products and you would like to find out more about being in the next edition.  Join the Facebook group using the link below and start networking with us.

In the baby business Lincolnshire Autumn/Winter 2015/16 let us know what you think to your copy!

Sarah x

In the baby business Lincolnshire
In The Baby Business

5 steps to feeling empowered for birth

5 steps to feeling empowered for birth

5 steps to feeling empowered for birth.  I was chatting to my friend the other day, she’s a midwife and currently studying to became a mentor to trainee midwives. She commented on finishing her last assignment, which was all about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

Later on in the day it got me thinking about how this theory fits nicely with the needs of a labouring mum.  During birth, the environment has a big impact on mums confidence and how empowered she feels after birth.

So here we go 5 steps to feeling empowered for birth using Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs applied to mum in labour.

Level 5 Biological & Physiological - the bottom row of the triangle, mum needs her basic life needs met. These are food, drink, warmth and a bit of rest, think home comforts.  Birth partner take note, you need to feed mum and ensure her basis needs are met, remember her body is working although it may not look like it from the outside, she’s burning up energy here.

Level 4 Safety & Security – we up on the next step now, mum needs to be free from fear, fear can take many forms, feeling out of control, feeling judged, failure to progress, blood, hospital, procedures, the unknown!  She needs to feel protected, secure and stable in her birthing environment. Think for moment of an animal in the wild, I’m not saying mums wild, well she might be! But an animal in the wild will pause the birth process until she feels safe. We aren't that different.  So birth partner, its your job to reassure mum, be her advocate, know what her wishes are and express them on her behalf where necessary.

Level 3 Belonging & Love – smack bang in the middle now of Maslow's triangle.  Mum needs to feel a sense of connection with the people that are with her.  A genuine sense belonging, to feel loved, respected, to feel affection from those around her.  Those relationships are important between birth partner, the caregivers and birthing mum. Feeling a sense of connection gives mum a sense that everything is just right in her world and allows her to be free of overthinking and and to relax her mind and body which will allow her body to birth the best way it can.  Feeling loved and a sense of belong promotes the love hormone, oxytocin, just what mum needs for labour, birth, bonding with her baby and free flowing breast milk.

Level 2 Self Esteem & Confidence – we are just one step away from the top of the triangle now, mum's choices in birth need to be respected and she should be in a place where she can make them with confidence.  Mums and their partners should be well informed by the caregivers throughout their birthing journey and mum should take responsibility for her knowledge and understanding of what she can do to help the birth process, good antenatal education before her estimated due date will help her do this.  A well-informed mum will be able to achieve her own individual potential and make that final step to…

Level 1 Empowerment – that’s it mums done it she has achieved her goal, birthed her baby, reached her potential. Every birth is different and each mum will experience her own personal growth in the journey. The important thing her is that she knows she has done it the best way for her and her family with the love and support and a wealth of birth education.

If your reading this and you are pregnant, make sure you get yourself some good birth preparation and attend a workshop that will fill you with the confidence you need to birth the best way you can and get your 5 steps to feeling empowered for birth.

You and your family are worth it!

Sarah x

5 steps to feeling empowered for birth


Airy Fairy Nonsense called hypnosis

Nine years ago, in what seem like another lifetime now I was first introduced to some airy fairy nonsense called hypnosis…”don’t come near me with that airy fairy nonsense” I think I said, something along those lines anyway!!!

I was heavily pregnant with my first born and if I’m honest, I was a bit scared about my baby’s birth as my only experience of birth wasn’t a personal one but one projected onto me by well meaning others….”ooh don’t worry’s worth it when you get to hold them in your arms”  and other helpful comments like this.  Topped up with tones of negative TV and magazine articles, all of negative experiences belonged to someone else, not me.

Needless to say I my first birth mirrored those long laborious birth stories I had been subjected to by well-meaning friends family and the ever influential media.  Almost dutifully, just as they said, my experience was somewhat negative, heavily medicalised and took time to 'get over' but I did get over it and as I held my baby in my arms told myself it was worth it, my love for my baby was unconditional.

Nine months later I fell pregnant with my second baby. An old family friend had just had her 4th baby and was “in and out” of hospital “it just popped out”, this birth story stuck with me.   I wanted some of that!  The response from my family and friends was "well its her 4th and we’re not all lucky like that". Basically, prepare for the worst Sarah so you wont be disappointed!

But NO, I thought long and hard about that birth story and wanted it badly for my second baby’s birth. That airy fairy chat popped back into my mind and I followed it up with a hypnobirthing course. I went on to have an amazing second birth experience with no major pain relief as I felt no major pain, just a bit of gas and air when the sensations and discomfort peeked ten minutes before my daughter was born. I would have birthed her again the following day, it was the most amazing empowering experience I had ever had.

Of course now I have to say I love the airy fairy nonsense called hypnosis and as a professional hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing practitioner I want to share with you how amazing birthing your baby is when you use hypnosis.

So if you're looking for an antenatal class that has a fresh perspective on birth, we use tried and tests methods that will help you, so take a look at our Positively Blooming Birthing Course and birth your baby with calm and confidence.


Sarah x



How did I get here?

Back in 2005 I fell pregnant with my first baby, he was born in 2006. At 10 days over due I was full of anxiety about the impending delivery of this baby that was about to change my life beyond recognition. I was booked in for an induction at my local hospital which was in Essex.

In we went, with our hospital bag and started what felt like a very long anxious waiting game. To cut a long story short our beautiful baby boy arrived rather purple looking, having fought the eviction process for about two and half days. I was in shock and totally stunned at the procures I had been through and my husband, at the business end - well what can I say!

Due to the procedures we had encountered my baby and I stayed in hospital for two nights and then we came home to recover and enjoy our new family life together. I didn't dwell much on what had happened at the hospital, no time with a new baby.   If I'm honest, I had had very little birth education and my social imprint of birth was, it's medicalised, they midwives look after you, you're in their care and you just need to go with it.  It was what I had read, heard and seen on TV.

The stitches healed, the baby grew and so did my tummy, with my number two. We knew we wanted another child and we knew we wanted them close in age but neither of us wanted to go through 'that' again.  An old family friend had just had her 4th baby.  She had been in and out of hospital within hours, "just popped her out" I had been told. This was something that stayed with me.  Why was it some of us went through 'that' and some of us "popped them out"?

It was my husband that suggested hypnotherapy for birth.  At first I was the skeptic. I just thought well nothing to loose and everything to gain if 'it' works.  So I started practicing daily at 32 weeks. It was nice, relaxing, baby asleep in the afternoon and me just chilling, it didn't feel like anything was happening but I was calm and relaxed and in control of my emotions as the EDD came closer, unlike like the first time.

Two days after EDD I had a chat with baby number one and bump and we agreed we was contractions started around tea time the next day. I was always worried that I would not know that they were as I had had artificial ones the first time round. I knew straight away. It was like a little flutter and after everyone I smiled to myself.

I had about 3 flutters an hour for a few hours and kept them to myself. My mum was having a sleep over that night so I knew I didn't have to worry about childcare for our son, I felt no need to mention baby was coming until bedtime when I thought I ought to let mum know as we may need to go to the hospital during the night and of course my husband as I would need to wake him up too. They were both surprised and excited, we all went to bed and slept, we'll sort of!

I laid in bed resting, writing down the times of my surges, listening to my hypno recording and visualising my baby coming closer to meet me. I couldn't wait to hold her. About 4.30am I got up, my husband leapt out of bed and started the car up like it was an emergency drama but I said I felt like bath. So I shut myself in the bathroom for a bit and chilled out a bit more, we rang the hospital I suggested I might need to come soon as my surges were now consistently 5mins apart. The midwife on duty said I didn't sound like a woman in labour but as they weren't busy I could go down if I really wanted but to be prepared to be to sent away again.

It was 6am when we arrived there, I skipped down the corridor with a bounce in my heal and spring in my step so excited. The Midwives thought I taking the micky. They said "you don't look like a woman in labour". I remember thinking what do want me to look like then? So I said well I am, I know I am, and can we at least have a look as I'm here.

I was dilated to 8cm already (I knew I was right) my beautiful baby girl arrived two and a half hours later. I did have a little bit of gas and air. It was during the last 10-15 minutes and I was able to regulate my breathing and then didn't require it anymore. I think my need for the gas and air was triggered by something that was said by a midwife, I reacted to it with panic as it reminded me of my first experience, language has a habit of producing thoughts and thoughts create reactions, although at the time I didn't realise it.

We had lovely relaxed birth experience, my daughter was pink and healthy, I was up and out and back home with both our babies just few hours later. The student midwife had experienced a great birth for her first delivery and we settled in to our beautiful family life. I knew at that point I had done something amazing I remember saying I would do it again tomorrow, any day any time. It was so...I can't articulate it ...bloody amazing! And I would definately do it again tomorrow.

no nonsense guide to birthSince then as well as being a full time Mum to two children and a Wife, I have also worked as a professional hypnotherapist/psychotherapist and hypnobirthing practitioner. I have had the pleasure of working with loads of mums and dads-to-be to and heard the birth stories of so many more beautiful babies being born in a positive, calm, relaxed way, the right way for their little families.

Hypnobirthing isn't wacky, it's simple, straight forward, no nonsense, down to earth guide to birthing, the right way for you and your family.  Find out about the hypnobirthing self study course here or  1-2-1 hypnobirthing via Skype here or group hypnobirthing workshops here.

Sarah x

hypnobirthing and exam nerves

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Yes that’s right you read it correctly!  Hypnobirthing and exam nerves go together.  The skills we use in utilise in hypnobirthing can be transferred to help curb the nerves that build up, in the run up to an important test or exam.

Quick Simple & Effective

Your daily mental preparation really can make a difference when it comes to show casing your talents on the big day.

If, like some of the mums I’ve worked with recently, you have older children due to take the eleven plus your probably thinking how little time there is left of the holiday’s before the children go back to school and take that test, early in September.

Or maybe the children due to take the test aren’t yours (your baby is yet to arrive) but they are, your family members, children of friends or simply a neighbours child, you might want to share this little piece of valuable information with them.

Because you can do those practice papers as much as you like and be great at them but if those nerves pop up on the day they can get in the way of your child getting the best results they can.

So what can you do?

Its easy, the daily mental preparation that you’ve done for a calm confident birth, where you feel in-control of your emotions and prepare to meet you baby you adapt for your child and the exam.

After all, you know that the mental preparation is important. You wouldn’t find a sportsman just physically training for the biggest sporting event to date would you? No, that sportsman has done some mental preparation too and that’s the bit your child needs now.

Especially if you want your child to truly do their best without the fear worry, stress or anxiety getting in the way of their big moment them they show case their true abilities.

Mental preparation doesn’t have to be hard work, it doesn’t have to be time consuming, its fun, easy and very, very effective.

So from now until the big day practice this with your child and your worries will fade away into the distance allowing your child to perform their best on the day.

So here goes….

Take a few moments out of each day, before you go to bed is a good time and think about your breathing, slow it down, so it feels like it does when you just go off to sleep.

Now using your imagination think about eleven plus test day, see yourself feeling calm, confident and in-control. See yourself as your travel to the test centre and prepare to take the test. See yourself easily answering the questions in a efficient and timely manner, it’s easy for you to answer the questions to your best ability because you are feeling calm, confident and in control of your emotions just as you are now.

The more you practice this mental preparation with your child the easier it will be for them (and you) to remain calm and relaxed on the day and show case your child’s true talent.  So go for it use hypnobirthing and exam nerves to elivate those worries.

exam, nerves, hypnotherapy, hypnobirthing,Of course doing this wont give your child the answers they still need to do the recommended amount of practice but it will help you beat the nerves that tend to build up before and during the big day.

I wrote and recorded an Exam Confidence MP3 for my niece who is taking her GCSE's this year, if you'd like to purchase and download a copy for yourself, family member or friend you can do so below.  Hypnobirthing and exam nerves have so much in common.

Sarah x

Download Exam Confidence MP3 £15.00

hypnotherapy for breech baby

Hypnotherapy for Breech Baby

At 37 weeks your midwife will check to see the position of your baby, at this point most babies have turned from the breech position to the vertex position in preparation for birth.  This generally happens without you realising it, especially if it occurs in you sleep.

Occasionally this turn is delayed and if that is the case your midwife will generally tell you that you will have to have a cesarean.  Before you get to that stage you might like to consider a hypnotherapy session to turn your baby.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle way to encourage your baby to change from a breech position to a head down position.  Often breech babies are in a breech position because the muscles in and around the uterus are tight and are not allowing baby to turn easily. Feelings of fear and anxiety may be keeping these muscles tight.

Through the use of relaxation and gentle suggestions, many mothers are able to completely relax and release tension from this area enabling babies to turn all on their own. This method is extremely gentle and safe for both mothers and babies.

In a clinical study, hypnosis was found to be 81% effective in turning babies head down.  A researcher at the University of Vermont, Burlington, USA, used hypnosis with 100 pregnant women whose babies were in the breech position between the 37th and 40th week of gestation.  The women received hypnosis with suggestions for general relaxation and release of fear and anxiety. While under hypnosis, the women were also asked why their baby was in the breech position.  81% of the babies in the hypnosis group moved to the vertex position, compared with 48% of the control group.  Hypnosis was most effective for the women motivated to use the technique.  Aside from the visualization involved, the deep relaxation of hypnosis can help your abdomen to relax enough to allow the baby to turn if it wants to.
(Lewis E. Mehl, MD, PhD (1994) Archives of Family Medicine, Vol. 3, Oct. 1994)

Each session lasting  for 60-90 minutes.  Between one and two session are required for this gentle and safe way to turn baby from breech position to vertex position.  Sessions can take place from 37 weeks of pregnancy.  The number of sessions required will depend on your individual circumstances.

If you want to find out more about using hypnotherapy for breech baby contact me or call/text 07908 765745.

Sarah x