What is Insomnia ?

Insomnia is difficulty sleeping or not getting enough sleep when you have the opportunity to do so.  Different people experience insomnia in different ways.

Insomnia symptoms include:

    • Difficulty getting to sleep; finding it hard to nod off at night time.
    • Interrupted sleep or disturbed sleep. Awaking from sleep in the middle of the night; and sometimes finding it hard to get back to sleep.
    • Awaking from sleep too early, and being unable to get back to sleep.
    • Not feeling refreshed by sleep – this is usually due to a disturbed sleeping pattern.
    • Not being able to concentrate the next day due to a lack of sleep.
    • Feeling fatigued due to disturbed sleep
    • Feeling irritable due to a lack of sleep

What are the causes of insomnia?

The main causes of insomnia are stress, anxiety, depression and excessive worry.  Sometimes the insomnia only lasts for a short spell perhaps a few weeks ( this is called transient insomnia).  In other more severe cases the insomnia or sleep difficulty can last for an extended period of time, perhaps months or even years (this is often referred to as chronic insomnia).

In many cases Insomnia can be maintained even after the initial cause of the stress and anxiety has passed. Once our sleep pattern is interrupted the insomnia or difficulty sleeping can become a focal point for anxiety, and the harder a person tried to get off to sleep, the less they are able to do so.

Insomnia tends to affect more women than men. Some studies have also show a link between Insomnia and diabetes and depression. Estimates vary between 3 and 7 out of 10 people being affected by Insomnia or sleep difficulty at some point in their life.

Can you help with my Insomnia?

Yes. The Positively Blooming Formula walks you through the seven pillars to self-empowerment, providing you with a powerful and unique formula that creates a strong foundation in your emotional health and resolves your insomnia.

It's a unique to you formula that highlights your hidden strengths allowing you to take the path of least resistance every time you face one of life's turbulant challenges. Therefore, reducing any stress, anxiety, worry or tension your holding on to.

An easy, effective and enjoyable process that wipes the sate clean on your unhelpful thought and behavioural patterns.  Whilst enhancing those that support good emotional health.  Building new beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that support you in achieving a better nights sleep.

The Positively Blooming Formula is a mindset training programme that resolves the driving force behind your insomnia.  

How Much Does The Positively Blooming Formula Cost?

Your investment for the Positively Blooming Formula is £395 for an 8-week course.

What's Included in The Positively Blooming Formula?

You'll get weekly sessions with Sarah online via video call.  Followed up with access to our comprehensive course materials found in our online portal that you can revisit as often as you want to.  Plus, lifetime access to our client Facebook group.

How Do I Get Started?

Book an initial consultation today.  It's free and great opportunity for you can ask all your questions and make sure this is the right next move for you.

To arrange a friendly complimentary consultation either email me sarah@positivelyblooming.com or book a consultation using the dairy below:

“I was so down [with my insomnia] when i started the therapy but I was put completely at ease. Only a few weeks later i feel a different person! Definitely worth a try.”