Becoming a Women's Emotional Health Coach is a calling...

You become an birth Coach for a reason. To help Mums-to-be be the best they can be.


To be the very best version of themselves.


To help them achieve the best possible birth outcome for them and achieve a positive start to Motherhood.


And you want to help them to make positive empowering shifts in their emotional health and well-being, making changes happen fast, with results that last.


To create clients as advocates because of the way you have impacted their lives.


You know the importance of ongoing professional development.


You want to enhance your skill-set and have access to the latest techniques and resources that will facilitate the desired transformation.


For them. And for you.

You're in the right place.

positive birth coach hypnobirthing instructor training What if you had direct access to the specific tools and techniques that will create powerful transformation in your clients?


What if it was easy to pinpoint exactly which levers to engage to have the most significant positive impact on your client’s perception of pregnancy, birth and becoming a Mother?


What if you could effortlessly identify the disruptive patterns running in your client’s mind that hold them back from achieving the positive experience in life they desire and then replace these patterns with ones that serve their hopes and dreams?

is more than first-class training in the most modern mindset techniquespositive birth coach hypnobirthing instructor training

It’s a library and multidisciplinary resource centre for all the scripts, interventions and activities you can use with your clients to propel them forwards in leaps and bounds.


To give them a sense of personal internal control  over their thoughts and emotions, discover their inner brilliance, a new energy for change and a solid commitment to rising to the  challenges of life.


To achieving their best possible birth outcome and start to Motherhood.  And when you help your clients to release the unhelpful beliefs holding them back from greatness you feel great too.


It’s more than resolving unhelpful blocks. Through the Positive Birth Coach Academy, you’ll also master the use of the powerful Breakthrough Formula.


This will enable you to easily identify client behavioural patterns and preferences that are counter-intuitive to their conscious desire. With these insights, you’ll help your clients adopt fruitful and useful behaviours, discarding those that aren’t serving them well.

positive birth coach hypnobirthing instructor training

Through the programme

You’ll master guided visualisation, hypnosis and mindfulness techniques.

Not just what they tell you on the surface, but what lies beneath.

You’ll master your craft.

The art of listening and the science of asking questions in just such a way that unlocks the key to igniting their success in pregnancy, birth and in motherhood.

positive birth coach hypnobirthing instructor training

In an intimate class of like minded participants

positive birth coach hypnobirthing instructor training You’ll develop a holistic approach to transforming thoughts, emotions and behaviours surrounding pregnancy, birth & motherhood.


You’ll help people to transform their birth experience, dissolve their anxieties, stresses, fears, worries, doubts, change their beliefs, remove blocks and create a rapid personal transformation that lasts.


Easy, Enjoyable, Effective.

Enrolling in The Positive Birth Coach Academy takes commitment.


It’s not for everyone.


Our trainers expect high standards and our coaching observations, case study reviews and robust assessment criteria means that you are guaranteed to experience professional development on a whole new level.


You'll be taken through the Breakthrough Formula by one of our coaches, allowing  you to thrive and be the best possible coach you can be and to experience the formula in action.


You’ll learn, practice and master a wide range of mindset coaching methodologies from the fields of positive psychology, emotional intelligence, neuroscience and other evidence-based approaches with advanced coaching techniques.


By utilising and applying a wide range of proven techniques, you’ll easily and effortlessly create bespoke interventions for your clients that work.

positive birth coach hypnobirthing instructor training

What does the Positively Blooming Coach Academy Programme cover?


The Positively Blooming Birth Coach Certification program is for you if:


You are already in practice as a coach, therapist, consultant, midwife or birth professional

and you want to hone your skills and enhance your professional development by learning and integrating the most up to date mindset coaching tools available today. You’ll have access to done for you templates, scripts, and toolkits that will help you to move your coaching practice to a whole new level – financially and in terms of the results you create with your clients.


You’re new to coaching and want to begin a new career as a positive birth coach

who is able to bring about extraordinary transformation in your clients whilst their move through this transformational phase of their lives.   Whilst being supported by first class resources, coach trainers and downloadable materials that will enable you to hit the ground running in your positive birth coaching practice. You can add on our business mastermind to build your successful coaching business too.


You’re a hypnobirthing practitioner, hypnobirthing Mum or new Mum looking to set up a new business

who knows the power of a positive birth experience and wants to share our multidisciplinary coaching as a tool for improving the lives of others, helping them achieve a positive birth and start to parenting.  The Positive Birth Coach Certification includes modules on helping your clients managing a number of common pregnancy, birth and motherhood issues to help overcome habits and behaviours and to release their full potential.

positive birth coach hypnobirthing instructor training

What’s included when you enroll?



  • First class in-person and live online training workshops
  • Dynamic, easy to use membership site with all the audios, videos, downloads and guides you need to support you on your learning path
  • Access to the Rapid Business Growth Mastermind
  • Templates to download and use instantly. We take the guesswork out of everything from client on-boarding  to customisable outlines and session curricula 
  • Visualisation and hypnosis scripts that you can apply to a wide range of coaching situations
  • Access and licensed use of our unique framework, The Breakthrough Formula
  • Observations assessments and feedback throughout to ensure that you are getting the most out of the training and so that you will be the very best Positively Blooming Birth Coach that you can be
  • Audio guides to enhance your learning experience
  • A birth module that will enable you to get a deep understanding psychology and physiology of birth.  Explaining why it is that birth is 10% what happens and 90% how your client thinks and feels about it.
  • Case studies where we take you from start to finish through the coaching process
  • Additional modules on helping your clients managing a number of common pregnancy, birth and motherhood issues to help them overcome unwanted habits and behaviours and to release their full potential.
    1. Such as tocophobia, emetophobia, vaginismus, emotional eating, insomnia, anxiety, stress management, pain management and panic disorder. 
    2. Content that makes it incredibly easy to design workshops, webinars, and one-on-one sessions for clients both in-person and online giving you maximum scope and freedom to work in a way that suits your family commitments.

Ready to take your coaching skills to the next level?

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What happens when you join The Positively Blooming Birth Coach Academy?


At the Positive Birth Coach Academy, we deliver your learning experience in a structured, modular way so that you can build competence and confidence as you progress through the programme.
When you enrol in the Positive Birth Coaching Program, the first thing we’ll do is arrange a 1:1 session with you so that we know:
  • Your experience of coaching so far
  • Your vision for your pregnancy, birth & motherhood coaching practice
  • Your nieche and ideal clients
  • Your current business model


We’ll then create a learning success plan for you, tailored to your levels of experience and your desired outcomes from this unique course.


The Curriculum

During the programme, you’ll experience a dynamic combination of live in-person, online and self-paced learning, along with regular observations and feedback to support your ongoing professional development.


positive birth coach hypnobirthing instructor training

At the Positive Birth Coach Academy, we’re passionately committed to ensuring that all of our students aspire to and reach the high ethical and practical standards required to be a successful birth coach today.
For that reason, the Positive Birth Coach Certification is designed so that the theory and your practical application of that theory is demonstrated every step of the way.
The programme is delivered in a combination of online training, live workshops and a membership site with all the tools and resources you need to complement your learning and take the guesswork of having to create things like client on boarding sequences, session structures and scripts for yourself.


positive birth coach hypnobirthing instructor training

The Positive Birth Coach Programme Core Modules:


Each module builds on the next and is facilitated through a combination of live training, online classroom and in-person training.


All modules contain all the templates, scripts and downloads that you need for rapid, lasting transformation. From practical elements like your clients on-boarding processes through to hypnosis scripts and step by step guides for each therapeutic intervention – it’s all there for you to use with your clients.

Once you’ve finished the Positive Birth Coach Programme, you’ll become one of our registered Positive Birth Coaches and feature on our coach directory.
How is the programme structured?
The Positive Birth Coach Certification is a 6 month programme followed by 6 months ongoing community, support and our business-building mastermind programme.


Certification and Assessment

  • Complete a written assessment demonstrating your knowledge of the theory of all of the core competencies, methodologies and techniques we cover during the programme.
  • Facilitate one intensive positive birth coaching session and write up a case study from that session.
  • Coach one positive birth client and provide us with feedback from those clients.
  • Facilitate one positive birth breakthrough formula client course and provide feedback and a written case study on that session.


You will have 6 months to complete the assessment.

Certification and Assessment

How is the program structured?
The Positive Birth Coach Certification is a 6 month programme followed by 6 months ongoing community support and our business-building mastermind programme.

We begin on the date: TBC in 2019


The Positive Birth Coach Certification program begins with a 90 day immersion into the core positive birth coaching modules. This training is delivered live each week on-line via zoom and is supported by robust materials in our membership site. Live training calls take place via zoom at 1pm each Tuesday UK time with the replay available in the member’s area. You will receive a full 12-month timetable when you enrol with us.  

Positive Birth Coach in-person Training Days
These live trainings are both followed by an implementation phase where you will put the theory into practice with your own coaching clients. You’ll be supported with observations and on-going feedback during this time so that you can be confident in the application of all the techniques you’re learning along the way.
Building + Growing Your Positive Birth Coaching Practice
Whilst you’re participating in the Positive Birth Coach Certification Programme you’ll also be a part of our Rapid Growth Business Mastermind.
This mastermind will equip you with everything that you need to start and/or grow your positive birth coaching practice.  With everything from defining your target market, to setting up your social media marketing strategy, to creating and selling your packages, we’ve got it covered.
At the Positive Birth Coach Academy we want you to succeed in building a thriving positive birth coaching practice and so we are here with you every step of the way.

Your Positive Birthing Coaching certificate includes; a comprehensive antenatal education, multidisciplinary learning from hypnosis, coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy applied to pregnancy, birth and motherhood.   And will allow you work with and resolve a range of pregnancy, birth an motherhood related symptoms such as:

  • tocophobia
  • emetophobia
  • vaginismus
  • emotional eating
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • stress management
  • pain management
  • panic disorder


Ongoing Support


Once you are a registered Positive Birth Coach you’ll have access to the following on-going support

  • On-going access to the membership site with downloadable templates, scripts and resources for you to use with your own clients
  • Listing on our site as a registered positive birth coach – great for marketing and authority building. You’ll also get referrals.
  • On-going professional development through our Positive Birth Coach network.
  • A 25% discount for future Business Mastermind, Retreats and VIP Days


positive birth coach hypnobirthing instructor training

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positive birth coach hypnobirthing instructor training