Hypnotherapy for Breech Baby

At 37 weeks your midwife will check to see the position of your baby, at this point most babies have turned from the breech position to the vertex position in preparation for birth.  This generally happens without you realising it, especially if it occurs in you sleep.

Occasionally this turn is delayed and if that is the case your midwife will generally tell you that you will have to have a cesarean.  Before you get to that stage you might like to consider a hypnotherapy session to turn your baby.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle way to encourage your baby to change from a breech position to a head down position.  Often breech babies are in a breech position because the muscles in and around the uterus are tight and are not allowing baby to turn easily. Feelings of fear and anxiety may be keeping these muscles tight.

Through the use of relaxation and gentle suggestions, many mothers are able to completely relax and release tension from this area enabling babies to turn all on their own. This method is extremely gentle and safe for both mothers and babies.

In a clinical study, hypnosis was found to be 81% effective in turning babies head down.  A researcher at the University of Vermont, Burlington, USA, used hypnosis with 100 pregnant women whose babies were in the breech position between the 37th and 40th week of gestation.  The women received hypnosis with suggestions for general relaxation and release of fear and anxiety. While under hypnosis, the women were also asked why their baby was in the breech position.  81% of the babies in the hypnosis group moved to the vertex position, compared with 48% of the control group.  Hypnosis was most effective for the women motivated to use the technique.  Aside from the visualization involved, the deep relaxation of hypnosis can help your abdomen to relax enough to allow the baby to turn if it wants to.
(Lewis E. Mehl, MD, PhD (1994) Archives of Family Medicine, Vol. 3, Oct. 1994)

Each session lasting  for 60-90 minutes.  Between one and two session are required for this gentle and safe way to turn baby from breech position to vertex position.  Sessions can take place from 37 weeks of pregnancy.  The number of sessions required will depend on your individual circumstances.

If you want to find out more about using hypnotherapy for breech baby contact me or call/text 07908 765745.

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