Yes that’s right you read it correctly!  Hypnobirthing and exam nerves go together.  The skills we use in utilise in hypnobirthing can be transferred to help curb the nerves that build up, in the run up to an important test or exam.

Quick Simple & Effective

Your daily mental preparation really can make a difference when it comes to show casing your talents on the big day.

If, like some of the mums I’ve worked with recently, you have older children due to take the eleven plus your probably thinking how little time there is left of the holiday’s before the children go back to school and take that test, early in September.

Or maybe the children due to take the test aren’t yours (your baby is yet to arrive) but they are, your family members, children of friends or simply a neighbours child, you might want to share this little piece of valuable information with them.

Because you can do those practice papers as much as you like and be great at them but if those nerves pop up on the day they can get in the way of your child getting the best results they can.

So what can you do?

Its easy, the daily mental preparation that you’ve done for a calm confident birth, where you feel in-control of your emotions and prepare to meet you baby you adapt for your child and the exam.

After all, you know that the mental preparation is important. You wouldn’t find a sportsman just physically training for the biggest sporting event to date would you? No, that sportsman has done some mental preparation too and that’s the bit your child needs now.

Especially if you want your child to truly do their best without the fear worry, stress or anxiety getting in the way of their big moment them they show case their true abilities.

Mental preparation doesn’t have to be hard work, it doesn’t have to be time consuming, its fun, easy and very, very effective.

So from now until the big day practice this with your child and your worries will fade away into the distance allowing your child to perform their best on the day.

So here goes….

Take a few moments out of each day, before you go to bed is a good time and think about your breathing, slow it down, so it feels like it does when you just go off to sleep.

Now using your imagination think about eleven plus test day, see yourself feeling calm, confident and in-control. See yourself as your travel to the test centre and prepare to take the test. See yourself easily answering the questions in a efficient and timely manner, it’s easy for you to answer the questions to your best ability because you are feeling calm, confident and in control of your emotions just as you are now.

The more you practice this mental preparation with your child the easier it will be for them (and you) to remain calm and relaxed on the day and show case your child’s true talent.  So go for it use hypnobirthing and exam nerves to elivate those worries.

exam, nerves, hypnotherapy, hypnobirthing,Of course doing this wont give your child the answers they still need to do the recommended amount of practice but it will help you beat the nerves that tend to build up before and during the big day.

I wrote and recorded an Exam Confidence MP3 for my niece who is taking her GCSE's this year, if you'd like to purchase and download a copy for yourself, family member or friend you can do so below.  Hypnobirthing and exam nerves have so much in common.

Sarah x

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2 Comments on hypnobirthing and exam nerves

  1. Patricia Lamb
    April 25, 2017 at 9:02 pm (3 years ago)

    that’s really lovely Sarah and your niece will certainly benefit from this xx

    • Sarah Brent
      April 28, 2017 at 7:51 pm (3 years ago)

      Thank you for your comment.


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