I absolutely love what I do especially when I hear such beautiful birth stories and life changing reactions like this to my course.  Please enjoy reading Kate's Beautiful Hypnobirth in hospital.
Hypnobirth in hospitalKate's first message just hours after Lily's birth.  "Hi Sarah, Kate and Matt here! Just wanted to let you know we had a beautiful baby girl this morning at 12.05! Perfect in every way! The hupnobirthing techniques were AMAZING, had a really enjoyable birth and zero pain relief! I will write a better birth story within the week but I would just like to say Thankyou for everything! Lots of love, Kate, Matt and Lily xxxx"

Kate's Beautiful Hypnobirth in Hospital "Gosh doesn't time fly when you've had a baby ????! I think it's finally time to write my both story (well I've found a few quiet minutes whilst Matt has snuggle time with Lily).
On the 2nd of December 2016 our beautiful daughter entered the world. Bringing a new life into the world must be the most magical and amazing experience ever and it truly was thanks to Sarah and hypnobirthing.
Hypnobirth in hospitalBefore the hypnobirthing course I was very apprehensive and scared about giving birth so when I found out about hypnobirthing I was under the impression of well anything is a worth a try! Wow I'm so glad I did give it a try!
After 72 hours without any sleep due to her head being so low meaning I couldn't sit or lie down, I thought it was time to go the hospital on Thursday morning (1st of December). Off we went on our way without rushing very calm and very excited! On arrival the midwife checked and said I wasn't dilated but offered us a side room to see if I could get a bit of rest and so Hypnobirth in hospital
they could keep a check on me as I was already a week late by this point! To cut the day short, I knew I was having contractions but they weren't painful and I dealt with them by the breathing that I had been practicing! By 6pm I was asking to go home for a pizza and a bath so they decided to check me once more before they would let me go home! However it wasn't home time for us, instead we were ushered to the labour ward as I was 6cm dilated! I was so excited and so happy that finally our baby was in its way. Lily Grace Moore was born on the 2nd of December at 12.05am making our lives complete from that second. I had a fabulous labour without any pain relief and it was all thanks to Sarah and hypnobirthing.
I am so excited to have another baby in the future and I can honestly say that labour was enjoyable and just slightly uncomfortable.
Hypnobirth in hospitalThank you Sarah, you have also changed my outlook on life I'm much less of a worrier now and calmer in situations that I wouldn't have been before."

I am so very proud of all my hypnobirthing mums, some choose to see me in person, others work online with me.  Both ways are very successful its really just a matter of personal choice and circumstance.  If you'd like to find out more about hypnobirthing the Positively Blooming way visit the course page or feel free to contact me for chat.




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