Belinda is a forth time mum who has taken a hypnobirthing course with me twice for the birth of her youngest daughters.  This is Belinda's recent birth story.  A Beautiful Hypnobirthing Induction.

Hypnobirthing InductionBelinda messaged me within hours of Evelyn's arrival.  "Hi sarah x just to let you know that Evelyn mae Good was born on 28th January at 11.52pm. I had a 36 hour induction which started slowly but was a comfortable experience. I used hypnobirthing techniques throughout and didn't have one bit of pain or panic whatsoever. I used gas and air for the last 10 mins but that was it. Thankyou for all your support once again. Belinda xx"

She then went on to say " I would have had a pretty tough time without the hypnotherapy techniques as it was quite a clinically controlled process due to having gd. I hadn't realised that I'd have to have a drip attached to each hand which was a painful process and something I'm a bit fearful of too and also had to be attached to a monitor throughout labour meaning wires everywhere and little movement and freedom. I still managed to have a really nice birth experience and coped really well even when things didn't go to plan I stayed in control and made decisions easily. I had no need for pain relief and found the flower image for opening instead of tensing up very helpful. I feel really good that I stayed in complete control and stayed pain free and happy and smiling through the whole labour and cut the cord myself at the end after delayed clamping. The staff were great there too and had lovely aromatherapy lamps and candles which complimented the hypnotherapy really well. Thanks again for everything. I will recommend you to everyone xxx"

Belinda's experience goes to show that no matter which way your baby's birth goes hypnobirthing will give you tools and techniques you need for a positive birth experience.

If you wan tot find out more about the hypnobirthing course Belinda used to achieve an almost pain free Hypnobirthing Induction you can do so here. 

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