This week I'm wondering "What's Going in Your HypnoBirth Bag Birth?" I thought I'd share with you some of my clients favourites things

So here goes:

1. Scents - Your favourite scent will be a wonderful way to make the room smell just right for you.  A favourite scent can lift, energise and relax you.  Helping you to create that feeling that everything is just as it should be whilst you birth your baby.  It might be some essentials oils, your perfume or your favourite aftershave.

2. Candles - You can get battery operated candles that you can use hospital or at home. Candles help to ease the sometimes very bright lights you get in hospitals and of course create a lovely atmosphere.

3. A water bottle / cup with a straw - It is so important to stay hydrated during labour a water bottle or long straw will make it easier regardless of the position you find yourself in.

4. A favourite blanket or pillow - Having something familiar and cosy to snuggle into is another way of helping you stay relaxed and calm, giving you that feeling of everything being just as it should be.  Being snuggled up with a favourite blanket or pillow is such a familiar, warm and comforting place so make sure it goes in your birth bag to help create that feeling if your traveling to hospital.

5. Music - music is such a powerful way to lift and enhance your mood. Having music that relax you, makes you feel happy and reminds you of love filled times in  your life can help you keep you calm relaxed and full of oxytocin.  Music also helps keep everyone in the birthing room relaxed too.

HypnoBirth BagRemember to pack your Positively Blooming Hypnobirthing Birth MP3, player and charger to use during labour, it'll remind you of all that wonderful hypnobirthing practice you've been doing in the run up to this moment, when you meet your baby for the first time and hold them in your arms.
If you'd like to find out more about how hypnobirthing with me will help you prepare for your baby's birth then book a free 30 minute Skype chat.  All you need to do is click on the link and choose the time that suits you best.  Alternatively, check out the FREE Hypnobirthing here.

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