Here's 3 Ways For You to Prepare For Your Baby's Birth

How's that beautiful bump of yours growing this week?  I remember thinking during those first few weeks of pregnancy that 9 months would take forever but soon comes round, quickly! So I've put together 3 Ways For You to Prepare For Your Baby's Birth.

Baby's BirthOne of my favourite pregnancy affirmations is "Everyday brings me closer to holding my baby in my arms"  its such a beautiful and exciting thought and creates a lovely warm fuzzy feeling in your body when you really start to think about that moment.  Thats why this week on the blog I have selected 3 ways for you to prepare for your Baby's Birth.

Here's 3 Way for you to prepare for your Baby's Birth:

  1. Breathing - Learning how to manage your breath during your baby's birth is one of the best things you can do to prepare for baby arrival.  Managing your breath will help you to create calm in your mind and body.  This calmness in your mind and body will help to allow your body to birth your baby the best ways it can.
  2. Relaxing Muscles - Learning to take the tension out of your body will help you to remain in control of your mind and body during your baby's birth.  You can start this practice now by relaxing your jaw, your shoulders and your wrists, hands and fingers.
  3. Ask  yourself this question "What am I doing to prepare for my baby birth today?'  This is such an empowering question that will help you move forward everyday.  Each little step you take will build up and gather momentum as you get closer and closer to your baby's birth day.

Why not watch the video for further tips and ideas to help you prepare for your baby's birth.

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