Lets Talk About 7 Common Pregnancy Problems And How You Can Ease Them

It all starts in the first trimester with those feelings of unimaginable tiredness that hit you like a bolt out of the blue.

You question what it is that’s making you feel so tired and then miss your period.  Those feelings of joy and excitement mixed with nerves and apprehension of what it might really mean to become a mum, start to run through your body.

It can take a while for this new found information to settle down in your mind.  Sometimes there are times when you completely forget you have a baby growing inside you. And all of a sudden you’ll remember and it can feel like a warm glow lighting up your body.

Whilst that feeling remains for the most part of pregnancy, there are times when pregnancy can be tough on your body.  In this weeks blog I address 7 Common Pregnancy Problems and afterwards show you a simple and effective way you can help yourself and ease them.

  1. Morning Sickness

Nausea or Morning Sickness as its more commonly known is one of the most Common Pregnancy Problems.  It starts when your body begins the process of change and adapts to your early pregnancy.   As your baby starts to take form in your uterus, your body has to manage a hormonal change. Making your body doubly productive, growing not just your baby but a placenta too.  The placenta will go on to protect and nourish your baby for the next 9 months.

Morning sickness normally lasts for the first trimester but sometimes goes on until 16-20 weeks. The symptoms and severity of morning sickness can vary from person to person; symptoms can be heightened by worry, stress, tiredness and anxiety. Which is why learning relaxation techniques earlier on in your pregnancy can be hugely beneficial to you.

If you or someone you know is suffering with morning sickness right now, or any of the Common Pregnancy Problems scroll down to the bottom of this blog post and find out how you can ease those symptoms with a quick, simple and effective breathing technique.

  1. Tiredness

Tiredness and pregnancy unfortunately go hand in hand and can become a Common Pregnancy Problems.  Its no surprise though is it?  Just because we cant see those physical changes in your uterus taking place doesn't mean nothings happening.  It can be easy to forget that your body is working at full capacity growing your baby.

Remember, its okay for you to take more rest. I struggled with this with my pregnancies and tried hard to keep the pace I had pre-pregnancy, all I did was run myself down. You are doing one of the most important jobs in the world, growing the next generation so really it’s okay to take it easy when you need to.

All those biological changes in your body are going to impact you.  It’s important to take time out for yourself, relax and unwind at every available opportunity.  If you wan to learn a quick, simple and effective breathing technique to help recharge you when you’re feeling tired, scroll down to the end of the blog post and schedule in some me time.

  1. Headaches

Tired, tearful and stressed. Sound familiar? Along with dehydration, this combination can bring on headaches which are one of the many Common Pregnancy Problems.

One of the first things you should do if your suffering with headaches is make sure you’ve had plenty of fluids. Following on from that use the Positively Blooming quick, simple and effective breathing technique to help you to recharge your energy levels.

I always explain your level of energy as a re-chargeable battery. It gets drained through both physical and emotionally exhausting situations.   10 minutes of my quick, simple and effective technique will re-charge you and help to restore your energy level to your normal. This will help to relieve the pressure and tiredness causing your headache.

Scroll down to the end of the blog post, schedule in some me time and use this technique as a preventative, rather than waiting for that headache to come on.

  1. Constipation

It’s toilet talk time. I’m not sorry! You’ll be amazed at how quickly your conversations start steer towards the colour and consistency of your baby’s nappy once they arrive so we might as well start with the poo talk now and get used to it.

Constipation in pregnancy is definitely one of the most common pregnancy problems. Sometimes it’s caused by the hormonal changes in your body, or a lack of fluids or something missing from your diet.

You midwife will advise you on all the up to date dietary advice for expectant mums but as a general rule of thumb foods that are high in fibre, fruits and vegetables, beans and lentils along with plenty of water will all help ease your constipation.

Ease the discomfort caused by constipation in pregnancy with this quick, simple and effective breathing technique. It really will help scroll down to get your hands on the ‘how to’. As a bonus you can reuse this technique with your toddler too. Double win :0)

  1. Backache

As your baby grows your organs get pushed out of place. Your natural point of gravity shifts and this can affect your posture which in turn can cause backache.  The ligaments in your body will also soften in preparation for you’re baby’s birth. As the ligaments prepare for birth the joints of your lower back and pelvis may begin to feel the pressure of your baby and ache causing you to have backache, one of the Common Pregnancy Problems.

You can ease this by avoiding certain movements like twisting round; lifting heavy objects and wearing heals. Balancing out your shopping bags over both hands is always good practice and can help prevent backache. It’s important to make sure you get enough rest especially towards the end of your pregnancy this is another reason why this quick, simple and effective breathing technique is hugely beneficial for you.

Head down to the bottom of the blog to get your quick, simple and effective breathing technique and give yourself 10 minutes a day to put it into use. Again you can use this as a preventative as well as relieving you of the symptoms once you have them.

  1. Indigestion & Heartburn

At around 32 weeks you might think that your beautiful bump cant get any bigger. You’ll find that your baby has grown, pushed your bump up and started to press on to your stomach. This can cause indigestion and heartburn.   You may find you feel full very quickly. If this happens, start eating smaller amounts and more often. Sick and nauseous feelings can also be quiet common; you could also experience lots of burping.

Heartburn is a strong burning sensation in your chest. Whilst not very pleasant at the time this quick simple and effective breathing technique can be hugely beneficial. A lot of my clients take great pleasure in telling me how they’ve overcome Common Pregnancy Problems such as heartburn and indigestion with this technique, it leaves them feeling confident that they use it again in childbirth too.

If you find you are experiencing this kind of pain or discomfort make sure you scroll down to get your eyes on this qick, simple and effective breathing technique and try it out for yourself.

  1. Pelvic Pain

Last but by know means least pelvic pain is quite a Common Pregnancy Problem. Its also also known as pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain or symphysis pubis dysfunction. Uncomfortable yes but thankfully not harmful pelvic pain can come in spectrum of discomfort, from manageable to being in need of specialist treatment.

Pelvic pain is caused by stiffness in your pelvic joints or the uneven movement of your pelvis at the back or front. It can be uncomfortable and hinder your movements during your pregnancy. It can cause discomfort whilst walking, using the stairs cases and getting comfortable in bed. If you are suffering with severe pelvic pain you should see your caregiver and asked to be referred to a specialist physiotherapist for treatment.

In the meantime regardless of were your pelvic pain discomfort is on the spectrum this quick, simple and effective technique will help you to make pelvic pain more manageable. This technique will help to reduce the amount of discomfort you feel in your body by removing muscle tension.

The Quick, Simple & Effective Breathing Technique That Can Act As A Preventative & Quick Fix For Most Common Pregnancy Problems

All of the Common Pregnancy Problems mentioned above can be eased by this quick, simple and effective breathing technique.

The technique can aid discomfort, reduce pain; calm your mind from worrying thoughts, stress and strains. But also relieve your mind and body from tension making you feel altogether much better.

When you practice this technique for just 10 minutes everyday you’ll find that you not only relieve yourself of those pregnancy discomforts but it also allows you to make time to connect and bond with your unborn baby. The icing on the cake!

The Quick, Simple & Effective Breathing Technique That Can Act As A Preventative & Quick Fix For Most Common Pregnancy Problems

To get your quick, simple and effective breathing guide click on the blue button above and have the eBook delivered to your inbox. You’ll also get guidance on how to breathe through your contractions in labour and guidance on how to breathe your baby into the world.

Enjoy, Sarahx

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