Does hypnobirthing work for first time mums? is a question I get asked all the time.  And the simple answer is YES hypnobirthing works first time mums.

hypnobirthing works first time mumsI met first time parents Helen and Tom at a group hypnobirthing workshop that I run in Lincoln.  This was just 6-7 weeks before the birth of their gorgeous baby boy Jasper.  Helen & Tom had all the usual first time parent worries about their baby's birth that largely go answered until the event itself.

During our four hour workshop together their worries subsided, they left feeling calm and excited at the joy their baby's birth would bring them.    After the workshop they were able to continue expanding on their knowledge and strengthen their skills via the online hypnobirthing course materials.

Read below what Helen had to say about her experience:

Hi Sarah,

I wanted to introduce baby Jasper to you who was born on the 27th April 2017 at 2pm weighing a healthy 8lb 4oz.

During labour and delivery I employed all of my learnt hypnobirthing techniques and personal mantras. I didn't listen to the MP3 during labour, but had a pre-prepared playlist which was wonderful to birth to.

Hypnobirthing enabled me to stay relaxed throughout and the midwife commented numerous times on my calm nature. I felt happy, calm and in control and would certainly recommend Hypnobirthing to any expecting parents, especially as my husband found my relaxed nature enabled him to feel at ease and have confidence in my birthing abilities.

With thanks & kisses from baby Jasper,

Helen and Tom

To hear that Helen's midwife commented on how calm and in control she was throughout labour and birth is simply wonderful.  And for Tom to feel at ease and confident in his role as Helen's advocate makes for a winning birthing team.

Congratulations Helen, Tom and baby Jasper and thank you for sharing your birth story with us.

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