A Fear of Birth (Tokophobia)Are you suffering from a fear of birth (tokophobia)?

Are you PREGNANT & feeling OVER-ANXIOUS about the upcoming birth of our baby unable to control it?

Do you find you're CONSTANTLY WORRYING about everything that could go wrong during childbirth and repeatedly worrying about your baby?

Does your mind keep going blank leaving you unable to concentrate for any length of time on your day to day task?

Maybe you feel IRRITABLE, suffer with POOR SLEEP & are you holding a lot of TENSION in your body?

Repeatedly sweating, feeling faint, sick and physically ill whilst your heart feels like its beating faster than ususall?

Do you suffer from PANIC ATTACKS either before you fell pregnant or since?

Is your mind full of STRESSFUL THOUGHTS and IMAGES about birth that keep coming back & you  feel like you can't control them?

Do you continuously repeat actions like washing, checking & counting, in order to feel better?

Are you AFRAID to give BIRTH & don't want to go through with it?

Do you feel DISTRESSED or GUILTY at feeling ANXIOUS & PANICKY about your pregnancy when you're expected to be hapy & joyfully pregnant?

Are you under extra STRESS and PRESSURE at the moment that you find difficult to manage?

If you answered YES to more than a few of these questions then you could be suffering from a fear of birth (Tokophobia).

Talking therapies, such as applied positive psychology and clinical hypnotherapy can be incredibly helpful in helping you overcome a fear of birth (Tokophobia).   You can learn to manage your a fear of birth (Tokophobia) in six-eight sessions.

Feel empowered for birth...

The sessions are like a personal training course for the mind, just like your relationship with a personal trainer.  You will be taught everything you need to know in order to let go of your a fear of birth (Tokophobia).  Let go of the past, supercharge your self esteem, and self confidence.  Overcome any social anxiety, self consciousness or fear you maybe holding onto and optimise your cognitive skills, emotions and beliefs.... Everything you need to do in order for you to OVERCOME a fear of birth (Tokophobia), to feel powerful and take control of your pregnancy and birth.

With guidance you can gain the self insight, resources & skill set needed in order to overcome from your a fear of birth (Tokophobia).   Overcome any symptoms you have  or problems you're experiencing in relation to your a fear of birth (Tokophobia) and take back the control of pregnancy and birth!

Are you ready to overcome a fear of birth (Tokophobia)? YES!

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A Fear of Birth (Tokophobia)

Our personal a fear of birth (Tokophobia) sessions take between 6-8 sessions to complete, we work on a 1-2-1 basis via Skype.  Most people spread the training over six-eight weeks but we can space them out longer if necessary.

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