A Quick Empowering Hypnobirth that left Wanda feeling energised, empowered and proud. Read Wanda, Charlies and Ivy's beautiful birth story here.

I had my second baby girl 5 weeks ago today, she’s perfect just like her big sister.

A Very Quick Empowering Hypnobith in Hospital Using Hypnobirting. Wanda used the self study hypnobirthing course to feel proud, energised and empowered.

This birth was way better than my first. My first birth was spontaneous. Three hours from first contraction to birth and EVERYONE told me how lucky I was, “Three hours, gosh you’re so lucky”. I would go along with this as I knew I was lucky, my daughter Betty was finally here and she was healthy and beautiful, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world but deep down I was a little traumatised by the birth experience. The midwife and I clashed, she didn’t take my contractions seriously and encouraged me to go home.  Pressing her to examine me it turned out I was 6cm dilated. She hit the buzzer, more people entered the room and it seemed there was a mini panic to get everything ready. My anxiety went through the roof and from then on I felt shaky, faint and sick. The intensity and speed of it all was frightening, I felt isolated and out of control. After the birth I felt like my body had been in some kind of horrific accident. I couldn’t walk properly, I was so sore and my back had seized up. I felt wiped out, emotionally and physically exhausted even before the sleepless nights had begun!

Sharing birth stories with other new mums as you do at baby groups I heard positive stories about Hipno Birthing, so when I fell pregnant this time round I explored it further and found Sarah at Positively Blooming.

From doing this course I totally realise that the calm water birth I had imagined for my first birth would have never really happened without some sort of effort as you do need to take time out to explore and invest in yourself and your approach to birth, which I hadn’t really done the first time around. If anything I put off thinking about it as it scared me.

This birth was totally different, I felt calm the whole time, I didn’t feel isolated or frightened.  I used the breathing techniques and the birthing affirmations that I had learnt. I didn’t feel anxious, I had butterfly’s but I thought of them as excitement of finally getting to meet the new addition to our family. I focused on my baby being healthy and I trusted if she had any health issues that she/we would come through it. I concentrated on the facts, not the what ifs. I focused on my baby, my body, my breathing, keeping calm and taking it moment by moment.

It wasn’t pain free but it was manageable and I felt in control, I knew it was brief and intermittent and unlike last time I didn’t feel sick, shaky or panicked at any point. It seemed one minute I was in the zone and the next minute she was here. I couldn’t believe how quickly it happened. I felt energised after this birth, empowered and so proud of myself. This birth was a lot kinder to my body, I didn’t have and back ache and could walk fine. I didn’t need any stitches or pain killers after.

Pre-birth I took a screen shot of the BRAIN anagram in the course so if anything unplanned happened, myself and my husband could refer to it before decision making. I downloaded the MP3s from the course and had planned to listen to them in labour but it was all a bit quick and unlike my first birth I was pleasantly surprised that I could listen and talk to my husband and the midwife in between contractions.

Ivy Ella Jean was born 3rd July, at 11.49am, weighing 7.8lbs.  Delivered with gas and air in 1 hr 30mins from first contraction to birth and this time I did feel lucky, elated in fact!! Even though I didn’t get the water birth I wished for it was truly amazing, everything went well and I welcomed our 2nddaughter safely into the world, into my arms for some luscious skin to skin.

With my first pregnancy I got to indulge in it so much more. This time juggling an energised toddler with work, chores and family commitments Iwasn’t finding the time to connect with my body and my baby, I felt very unprepared until I signed up for the course at 31 weeks and I whole heartedly believe that taking this structured time out, working through the modules helped me to connect and bond with my baby. I also found the MP3s great when I was struggling with insomnia. I would listen to them until I fell asleep.

A Very Quick Empowering Hypnobith in Hospital Using Hypnobirting. Wanda used the self study hypnobirthing course to feel proud, energised and empowered.

This course taught me techniques which helped me to have a calm and more enjoyable birth and to deal with the screaming and crazy sleep pattern of a 5 week old with reflux and colic. I am still using these techniques, they have helped me to remain calm, to not over think things, to slow down and soak it ALL up even the not so good bits. Slowing down and focusing on the positives has resulted in me being a better mum, wife and I’m much kinder to myself too.  I am and will continue to recommend this course and hipno birthing to all pregnant couples!

To find out more about the self study hypnobirthing course Wanda used to birth her baby click here. 

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