Grow And Learn As Your Pregnancy ProgressesI've got to admit it I love a bit of birth psychology.  Yes I am a total geek in this area. I've always been interested in people, every job i've ever had has been people focussed.  But things changed and stepped up a gear for me when I became a mother.

The birth of my eldest who just so happens to turn 11 on Friday was an experience that fills me with a mix of emotion.  He recently asked me about his birth.  I choose my words carefully as i'd rather not inflict my interruption of that day onto him.  You see I didn't prepare myself emotionally, physically of educationally for his arrival - I left his birth to chance!  But rather than carry a sack load of regrets around with me I've flipped his birth day experience around into a positive and learnt massively from it.

With baby number two, I soaked it all up, emotionally, physically and educationally, growing and learning as my bump grew.  The benefits of taking this action have never stopped paying me back in my personal life, or that of my children's.  The things I learnt about myself, my emotional strength, my physical power and my ability to trust myself all come back to me time and time again as my journey through motherhood unfolds.

You see we never stop learning & we never stop growing, the path YOU take through life depends on sole on YOU.  

There's a great quote from Henry Ford "Whether you think you can or you think you can't - you're right" and never has a truer word been spoken.

However, in order for you to think you can do something, your mind requires a bit of evidence to support the belief and this is where your need to learn and grow comes in.

If you gain that all important self insight, confidence and birth knowledge before you have your baby YOU will have the belief YOU can cope with whatever birth challenges arise.   YOU will be equipped for all eventualities and the impact of this will be huge not only on YOU but your baby and your partner too.  I know this from personal experience and years of working with women just like you.

But of course I don't want you to take my word for it so here's a reference for you from an article I recently read. ‘…personal growth related to birth promote empowerment for both the woman and her partner.’  Investing in yourself today may seem unimportant or a unnecessary  as its not tangible.  I completely understand that you cant see the benefits today but trust me there is a whole load of proof out there to back up this importance.

Grow And Learn As Your Pregnancy ProgressesJust because the NHS are cutting back in the area of women's emotional health & wellbeing it doesn't mean it doesn't matter.  It does matter, you matter, your baby matters.  As with life I've always said your birth story is 10% what happens and 90% how you feel about. A decade of working as a psychotherapist in a busy practice has taught me this.  Which is why I teach YOU the skills, helping YOU to build strong psychological and emotional foundations. Working with me you will get, invaluable self insight, confidence, knowledge, resilience, my full support and some hypnosis for birth.  You'll find the theory everywhere "...Conclusions are that women’s positive and negative recollections of their birth experiences are related more to feelings and exertion of choice and control than to specific details of the birth experience..." Now put it into practice & grab some of my free resources.

If you're a birth psychology geek like me and want to read more below you'll find the articles  I referenced.


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