This week I am delighted to be talking all things Work Life Balance & Babies with Hypnobirthing Mum of two, Margret Corson of Margret Corson Photography.

Tell us about your work and family life.

Work and family life is great at times and other times challenging. But I'm lucky to have great clients who know and respect that I'm a mum of young children and ANYTHING can happen. It's this mutual understanding which I think drives my very personal service.

What did you do before having children?

I went to uni to study photography and then got a job only a couple of months after graduating in a high street photography studio as one of 3 photographers. We photographed anything that fit through the doors from trikes to horses and small families to groups of 10+ it was a fantastic experience and really full on. So when me and my then partner were discussing settling down, marriage.... babies... we knew this life wouldn't work and the stresses of all the long hours weren't going to get us anywhere we wanted to be in a personal aspect. Contracted not to be able to work in photography for at least 6 months after leaving I had to think about what I enjoyed most about the job and moved into childcare to teach children about weird and wonderful things through play.

I landed a fantastic job at a nursery in Market Rasen where the staff were incredible and really welcomed me. I was like a sponge re learning new skills and applying many I already possessed. The jobs in fact went hand in hand and this experience has made me a better photographer now. I moved nurseries to be closer to home as the big decision had been made to start a family. When the day came I found out we were expecting I knew it wouldn't be long before my dream to go back into photography full time could happen as a self employed photographer.

Why do you do the job you do now?

Ever since I was young and my dad gave me a camera I've been interested in photography. But it was when a new teacher started my secondary school and a camera club that the bug started and stuck. It is everything that makes me happy, it is everything I am good at. It works for me and my family and seeing families reactions to their images and to know I've captured memories that will hang on there walls or be in albums for generations is just an amazing privilidge.

What motivates you?

Being happy. Having enjoyment in what I do and the end results motivate me to not only do my job but get better and better at it. My family is also a big motivation, to show my kids that working and finding something you love is possible.

What is your biggest challenge in achieving the 'work/life balance'?

When my 1year old son decides not to sleep my evenings become difficult to fit in editing and paper work sides of things, as i dont have a separate building to retreat to. This makes me feel guilty people aren't getting to see their images as quick as I would like. But again, the degree of understanding from my clients is incredible and not once have they minded waiting an extra day or too so I can catch up on some sleep. I'm also yet to really get a balance with the husband as he's recently got a new job roll but I'm sure, as with everything, it will start to work it out.

What future plans do you have for your business?

Future plans are to keep involving learning opportunities for young children within the shoots to get the very best images and also to mean the whole family enjoys the experience not just the images.

Do you have any advice for new mums?

Enjoy everything. The sleepless nights, the crying, the milestones, the laughter, the fun. It all goes so fast that every moment is a special moment (even if you can literally feel the hairs turning grey upon your head) Do something you love to compliment looking after your child/children as this will make you an all round happier parent/employee/wife/partner etc

What one piece of advice would you give to mums wanting to start up a business?

Get everything set up BEFORE you go live. Insurances, tax, a system for invoices/receipts. Etc the paper work is what sets it aside from a hobby as at the end of the day a business involves others not just yourself. Keep everyone safe, including yourself.

You are your businesses biggest asset, how do you look after you?

At the minute I'd be inclined to say I don't. Many people around me say the same thing. It's all still quite new getting back into it after having my little boy. So along the way I'm actually starting to change a few things so I have nights off and days where we enjoy being a family instead of my husband having the kids while I work. It's slowly becoming apparent that a few more changes need to happen for me to look after myself a lot better. Pilates with Sarah Hogan was one way I tried to start to ball rolling. Body and mind working together.

Now tell us what is your biggest challenge in achieving the 'work/life balance'?  Let us know in the comments.


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