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This week I'm sharing Louise, Tom and Baby Etty's Hypno-Breech-Birth.

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Huge thank you to Louise, Tom and Etty for allowing me to share their story with you.


Hi Sarah,
Just thought I’d write to you to let you know that I’ve had my baby!

Last Monday morning! At 32 and a half weeks! So 2 months early. I had periods like pains all of Sunday so called the hospital just to check that that was Normal at that state of pregnancy. They put me on a monitor and everything was fine so they asked me to stay the night because all my tests said everything was fine but they weren’t sure why I had stomach ache. This was about 10pm so I watched some tv and tried to sleep but had back ache and was really uncomfortable so went for a walk around the ward at about 1pm. The midwife said I looked different and I told her I was very hot and thought I was in more pain but wasn’t sure because I’d just been in a room sat thinking about it. Anyway walking back to my room my water broke, the midwife said she didn’t think so because I seemed fine so we went to my room to check, I got huge pressure in my stomach when I got on the bed and the midwife could see I wasn’t fine so she put the emergency buzzer-the alarm went off, the door flew open and loads of people ran in the room and grabbed my bed to push me up to the labour ward- it was just like one born every minute! Haha. When I got to the room the doctor said he’d examine me to see if I was starting to dilate and saw a little bottom facing him! I was starting to dilate she was on her way! So I was told to push when I had a contraption and that I was going to have to deliver a breech baby,I asked if that was possible (I didn’t realise it was) and I was told I had no choice because she was on her way down! Haha.

When Tom got to the hospital( very quickly,) when he got there he was surprised to find me in labour, in a room with 2 doctors, 5 midwives and 2 ladies from neonatal intensive care with incubator. Long story, not so short, my waters broke at 1.15 am and she was out at 2.11am!

She is in an incubater in intensive care but is doing very well.

I don’t know what happened really I think I just went into spontaneous labour. It’s hard to stay positive at the moment but I’ve written some positive lists at the end of the day and am trying to think of affirmations to do with our situation now. The birth was obviously not what I was planning at all but I am convinced that I successfully hypno birthed! I was shocked when I first started contracting but then something just completely came over me and I felt like I was in a trance. I felt like there was just Tom And I in the room even though I could hear when the doctor was giving me instructions. I just counted 4 then 8 and thought of the surges in my stomach going up and down. I’m really pleased I did the whole thing with no pain relief and thought minutes afterwards and still think now that I would do it again tomorrow! It’s just the aftermath that I wouldn’t repeat because it terns out having a premature baby is not an easy ride!  L xx

Louise, Tom & baby Etty

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