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First Time Mum Hypnobirth Induction.  This week I'm sharing Niccy, Dave & baby Josie's Hypnobirth Induction Story. Niccy is a first-time Mum who had a few extra medical issues thrown into the mix.  I think you'll agree Niccy handled her challenging birth situation really well, with her super quick induction.

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Huge thank you to Niccy, Dave & baby Josie for allowing me to share their story with you.


Well, the homebirth didn’t happen, the hypnobirthing was only used briefly, and it’s now a week since our little pixie arrived! But – it all worked out for the best. My BP rose dangerously at week 36 and I was admitted, first to the labour ward as they thought they might have to do an emergency c-section, and then to Nettleham Ward, they struggled to get it to level out with meds & then to add to the problems the funny tum that I’d had turned out to be Campylobacter -which they treated with a short course of abtibiotics (usually it’s left to run it’s course). I ended up being induced at 38+3 and thenext day gave birth after 30minutes labour & a bit of gas & air to the very beautiful, but very tiny Josie Florence. She was 5lb4oz. I used the breathing from hypnobirthing to help with the contractions at the start and also when the Obstetrician needed me to use the gas & air in a controlled manner, but once things were moving at a rapid speed I had to concentrate more on helping her escape as her heartrate had plummeted & when they broke my waters there was meconium in them.

The Obstetrician used a kiwi to help her out and when she appeared the cord was in a figure of 8 around her abdomen & neck. So all in all a good thing that I didn’t have my home birth! Pretty eventful 30mins! Lots of friends have commented on how lucky I was to have a 30min labour (2 hours 5mins from first contraction to Josie’s arrival) but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone – it was too much, too quick and both myself & Josie were in shock – she ended up in the NICU for 3 days(hypothermia, hypoglycemia & suspected sepsis) but is doing well now. It definitely helped, being able to control my breathing, and whilst30minutes didn’t make for a very relaxed time the techniques stopped me from going in the deep end if that makes sense? Thankyou for teaching First Time Mum Hypnobirth Inductionus! Best wishes

Niccy, Dave & baby Josie

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