IVF Baby's, Birth & Hypnobirthing

IVF Baby's, Birth & Hypnobirthing - Inspirational Positive Birth Stories Shared from My Hypnobirthing Clients Especially for You.

Hello Sarah, Here is my birth story ….My husband Chris and I chose hypnobirthing as our baby is an IVF miracle and we felt we’d had enough medical intervention already. We’d also had some awful pre-pregnancy experiences in the gynae unit of our local hospital, where I’d had a HCG x-Ray and hysteroscopy with no pain relief or aftercare offered, and I felt I was quite roughly handled and was left emotionally traumatised and frightened of giving birth at our local hospital. I was then told I was too high risk for a home birth, and all other hospital options were over an hour away.

My waters broke dramatically at 1am whilst I was in bed. We were fairly shocked as it was two weeks early but there was no mistaking it so we called the hospital and they said to come in to be checked. We presumed we would then be sent home to labour so only took our medical notes.

On arrival the unit was full to capacity, so we were sat in a small room waiting to be seen for an hour. I had no pains though so we did not mind. The room was then required for a woman in active labour so we were moved to the recovery suite used post c-section and carried on waiting to be seen. I had very swollen, purple hands and feet, so my blood was taken and urine checked, and I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and told I was going nowhere until baby was born, and if my labour did not start within a few hours I’d be induced, something I really did not want. At this point we realised that Chris would need to go home to collect the hospital bag, so we called my mum, who was my second birthing partner, to come up, as I did not want to be alone.

About 3.30am I started to have very mild period like cramps and was excited that my labour might be starting. Unfortunately, the hospital had 2 c-section patients who were then wheeled into the room with their babies! I was stuck behind a curtain sat on a bed whispering to my husband and mum so as not to disturb their much needed sleep. Whilst Chris was gone the pains increased but were still mild so I sat bouncing on a birthing ball practicing my breathing techniques learnt in the class. I really wanted to walk around but due to the other people in the same room felt I had to stay still and be quiet. I decided that whilst not ideal I was fine, so carried on bouncing and breathing, and as the pains increased I stood leaning on the window while my mum rubbed my back. I concentrated hard on my breathing and was coping really well.

Things progressed very fast, and by the time Chris got back around 5am, he and my mum had to speak to the midwives to get us into a proper room, as my pains were only 4 minutes apart and strong. I was able to walk calmly to the room they had cleared for me, and Chris put the music I had chosen on the Bluetooth speaker we had brought in. I asked to be examined as I wanted to know how far along I was. The midwife was shocked to discover I was 6cms as I was still chatting between pains and not making any noise during them. We thought we’d give the TENS machine a go, but as I was 2 weeks early we had never got round to reading the instructions, so we abandoned that!

I positioned myself on my knees leaning over the back of the bed and focused on breathing. Chris and my mum were an amazing team, rubbing my back, stroking my neck, hands and arms, making sure I had water and keeping me focused. I had one almighty pain and asked for gas and air, and at this point my body started to push and I just had to go with it. I don’t remember much detail: I remember Chris being at my head passing me water, stroking my arms, hearing our music in the background – it was as if no one else was there, everything else was out of focus. I remember being supremely calm, and occasionally hearing the midwife gently telling me to relax my shoulders and let my baby move himself down (she was amazing and totally committed to hypnobirthing). Chris tells me I would turn to him and smile after every pain had finished but I don’t remember doing this! This part of labour was a really beautiful experience where I just felt really close to my husband.

After a while the midwife asked me to change positions as baby’s heart rate was dipping. This was the point things started to go a little bit wrong. I remember whinging a bit about this (I wanted to be upright!) but it was for the baby so I let her help me onto my side, and carried on as before. Again I was zoned out, I remember the music, my husband’s voice, breathing as taught in class and using the gas and air, which I loved! After a bit longer things were not progressing and baby’s heart rate was dipping and not recovering, so I was told I needed to be on my back. I really really did not want this and was a bit upset, but I trusted the midwife so decided to do as she asked. The baby was not moving down, and at this point things got a bit hairy with his heart rate – the obstetrician and paediatric team were called in. In the meantime the midwife gave me an episiotomy and then the head became visible.

The doctors arrived. I remember the obstetrician being the stuff of my nightmares: he came in demanding his instruments (!) and bossing the midwife around. She was brilliant and told him she thought that we only needed a couple more contractions, and could he wait until then, and that she had called him in to be ready if needed. He was not happy! Luckily, with lots of hard pushing, and with my mum and Chris cheering me on over the next 10 minutes or so, Arthur was born. He was totally pink and cried immediately, so the paediatric team packed up and left. I’d been in the final stage of labour for 90 minutes, and overall labour was about 7 hours. I had a second degree tear caused by the quick labour so needed a fair amount of stitching, and luckily a nice lady doctor came to do this. Even while waiting to be stitched I told Chris I would happily do it again.

The midwife said afterwards that my birth was so calm she was going to use hypnobirthing herself (she was pregnant). I remember it as a beautiful experience and even though things went wrong I was so calm and focused throughout. I only had gas and air, and I truly believe that had I not been hypnobirthing I would have required much more intervention.

Thank you Sarah!

Louise, Chris & baby Arthur

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