Hi Sarah,
I’m so happy to let you know that Henry James arrived yesterday morning, born at in a pool at home, in his membranes, weighing 9lb 4oz.

Thank you for your help and advice throughout my pregnancy. There is no doubt that the course and Facebook group made a huge difference to my approach to pregnancy and childbirth. I remember sitting in your office before Christmas frankly terrified and anxious about impending labour and motherhood, but now I’ve come out the other side having had a positive pregnancy and childbirth, and to top it off I have the tools to manage future anxieties too (which are inevitable now I have a newborn baby!). I wasn’t expecting the benefits to my emotional state during pregnancy that your course provided as well as the hypnobirthing techniques- and it has been invaluable.

From 26 weeks of pregnancy I worked through the course slowly and listened to the pregnancy mP3 weekly. From 30 weeks I increased this frequency and started the live round with you (which was great) and from about 37 weeks
listened to/worked through at least one of your mp3s most days. I wouldn’t say I mastered it, as frankly my time to practice was limited but I think I gave it a good go!

My birth plan largely came true!
I started having occasional contractions Saturday evening but managed to get some sleep; they continued on Sunday about every 10-15 minutes then stopping for an hour or so before they continued more frequently from about 6pm on Sunday. Your childbirth mp3 noticeably helped me remain in control and the breathing techniques were invaluable at this early labour period in particular when I was on my own or just with my other half. I continued surge breathing through the night (although I did sometimes forget to Smile at the end!) and we called the midwives at 3.30am when my contractions were every 3-4 minutes. I was examined when they arrived and had got to ~5cm dilated. I got in the pool which was wonderful for pain relief. The gas and air ran out at one point so I had an hour just using breathing techniques whilst some more was collected and to be honest I was fine without it. Henry was born at 9am after 4 hours in the water.
I’m not going to lie the labour was not as ‘zen’ and ‘calm’ as I had anticipated (I think my new neighbours had a disturbed night!) but I got him out, at home, with no interventions or stitches required-I can’t really ask for more than that can I!

I did have to be transferred to the hospital for a nights observations as I had some PPH, but we are both doing well now and going home today. As an aside I cannot fault the NHS community midwives or any of the maternity staff here at Lincoln county-I have been extremely well looked after- hopefully those are encouraging words to share with your local clients as it sometimes feels that you only hear horror stories.

It is very odd to think that 7 days ago I woke up to a day of moving house and today I wake up with a baby! What a week!

Thank you once again for your help, there is no way I would have remained calm and in control through pregnancy and labour without your teachings and support, and I doubt I would have been able to give birth to my ‘substantial’ baby without interventions, and at home, without you. I will be recommending you to all of the pregnant people I come across!

Carolyn, Jim and Henry

Anxious About Labour and Motherhood

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