Birth Anxiety Really Enjoyable experienceSorry for the delay in emailing you. Firstly just want to say that everything worked out fine and that we didn't have to go down the induction route. Our baby daughter arrived on Saturday 7th April at 5.47am, weighing 8lb 6oz, called Beatrice Amelia.

After watching your little video on facebook on Friday night the contractions started getting closer, having had a few twinges throughout the day. We sat down and watched a film and every 10 minutes or so I would get a tightening, but it wasn't painful at all. I rang the ward and they said see how you go, get some sleep and didn't feel I was in labour yet. I couldn't keep relaxed in bed so got up and had a bath and listened to the mp3. After going once through I realised they were getting stronger and closer, however they never got closer than 4 minutes apart. My husband had been sleeping so I had to get him up and as he rung the ward my waters broke.

We arrived in the car park at 4.41am and my baby girl was here at 5.47am! We got to the room, the bergamont oil was on, there was not time to put my pictures up but I could keep relaxed, having prepared so well over the last few months. I can remember thinking 'soon I will meet my baby and I am so excited to do this'. It wasn't the water birth I had imagined but it was a really enjoyable experience, just like my first. I just wish I could combine the two and that would have been the absolute perfect birth.

Looking back on the birth story I wrote so many things happened how I wanted them, the only thing is I would like to have come home from hospital slightly earlier as it was 4 days in there. Ellis was fine and he is now getting used to being a big brother and is very cute with her at the moment.

Thank you so much for all of your support and comments. I didn't get the chance to write my baby a letter as you said, but I have told her all the things I want to show her now she is here.

Much love,

Alison Hul

Thank you! Yes that is absolutely fine to share my story and photo. Thank you so much again for all your support and guidance I couldn't gave done it without you and I am pleased that I gave had anotherror great birth experience!
Love Alison xx

Alison, Martin, Ellis and baby Beatrice Amelia


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