Are you Thinking About Hypnobirthing?

Great. Do it.  You and your baby will benefit hugely I have no doubt about that.  Since 2008 I have taught hypnobirthing and I'm blown away that 85.71% of my clients take the time to share their positive birth stories with me.

Out of those, 84.85% of them have had positive experiences of birthing in hospitals and 61.67% of my clients achieving this are first time mums.

The reason I have such positive feedback is because I am an anxiety coach that specialises in birth. Working with me you'll get so much more than The Tools and Techniques for birth that you'll find in most Hypnobirthing courses.  You'll also get the The Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Formula.  A unique formula that highlights how you unwittingly create and maintain your biggest worries, fears, stress and anxieties, and shows you how to be free of them for good.  Perfect for pregnancy, childbirth and of course the mini day-to-day challenges that being a new mum brings.

Over a decade of experience, has shown me that you and other women like you can live an anxiety free life. And birth your baby's feeling calm, confident, capable and courageous.

Hypnobirthing is so much more than chanting positive affirmations and relaxation classes.  You are mind is a beautiful and complex thing that has many different layers.  Let's face it if it was as simple as pinning up your affirmation cards and breathing it all through life would be a bed of roses, wouldn't it?

My hypnobirthing course takes a deep dive below the surface tools and strengthens your core psychological roots, making you emotionally strong, resilient and confident not just for birth but of life.

One way we do this is by identifying and enhancing your Natural Styles of Thinking.

What's Your Natural Styles of Thinking & Why Does It Matter If You're Expecting A Baby?

Thinking About Hypnobirthing? hypnobirthing southendIdentifying your natural style of thinking and enhancing the style to work for for is a game changer. The small changes you'll make with this knowledge will undoubtedly make a big difference to you, not just in pregnancy but childbirth and motherhood too.

There are numerous styles of thinking that we adopt over time. Some are partly due to our genetic make up and some are learnt from others. Each style of thinking gets heightened at different times in our lives, different scenarios we find ourselves in will 'turn up' the the thinking style.

Think of your thinking styles as dimmer switches that you can turn up and down.  Some are tuned up because of your nature.  Some are tuned up because of the way you've been nurtured.

How Do I Know Which Thinking Style I Am?

Take my professionally designed quiz to determine your natural style of thinking.  Allow around ten minutes to answer the questions and answer them as honestly as you can for the best results.

Once completed you'll results will be sent directly to your inbox, the email will also contain a link to a personalised video where you can explore your thinking style further.  The video series that follows will also teach you how your thinking style can affect your baby birth and what you can do about it.

Still Thinking About Hypnobirthing? Take Sarah's quiz here : Natural Styles of Thinking Quiz

Watch the video to find out more & take the quiz to discover which natural style of thinking you are most likely to adopt & find out how it affecter baby's birth Take the Quiz HERE

Remember to share your results with us!


Still Thinking About Hypnobirthing?  Find out more a hypnobirthing with Sarah Brent The Birth Anxiety Coach and Hypnobirthing Specialist.

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