Positive Induction Birth Story
Looking for a Positive Induction Birth Story, read Sal's birth story here.  I've worked with Sal twice now as she has prepared for birth.  Both experiences were very different but in Sal's words "the techniques you taught me where even more profound this time".  
Hi Sarah
Positive Induction Birth StoryI hope all’s well with you.
Apologies for the lateness in getting in touch with you after our refresher session.
Baby Laurie arrived a little early the week after we met!  It was a very different experience to George’s birth as I had to be at hospital from the beginning following my strep b diagnosis.  Nottm City were great and got me set up in the sanctuary birthing unit on arrival. Despite my waters breaking, I wasn’t in active labour but they gave me chance to get my birth mp3 going to get into the ‘zone’ and try to get things moving. Thanks to your refresher session I felt confident to make my own choices and positively challenge any points regarding intervention. I found the techniques you taught me became even more profound this time, and even though my labour ended up being induced (due to Strep B risk with waters having broken), i felt completely empowered by the whole experience and totally at ease. Dare I say it, I don’t even think I felt ‘in pain’ as such - just had gas and air to see me through the last 30 mins.
I wanted to get in touch to say a big, big thank you. I truly believe your support through both my births has led to me having such positive experiences. Laurie was super chilled on arrival and remains the placid boy we met that day - all thanks to a comfortable and natural delivery.
Keep up the fab work! I recommend your programmes without a doubt.
All the best
Sal x

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