Listen to Nadia talk about hypnobirthing on The Wright Stuff.  She is so down to earth and passionate about her experience.  She got the birth she wanted and worked for it weeks in advance of her due date to achieve it.  This is lovely to hear and happens for many of my clients.

You'll often hear me talk about the importance of having a strong desire for a positive experience, self belief and confidence and enhancing your natural skills for a positive birth outcome.  Nadia's clip below echo's this.

However, not all positive experiences of birth are the same as the one Nadia's describes.  Some birth require intervention, epidurals and sections and it doesn't matter how hard you've worked in advance of your baby birth.  Some births are always going to be tricky.    These births  can still be positive.  In-fact the confidence, self insight and tools we teach on our course are even more profound when birth birth goes off plan.  You'll see that when you read through our client birth stories.

Our signature course The Birth Anxiety Breakthrough Formula will set you up for a positive experience no matter what type of birth you have.  Because we teach you how to strengthen your core psychological roots in advance of birth.  This leaves you in full control of your thoughts and emotions before during and after birth.  We teach you true empowerment, that doesn't require you to reply on someone else or something else for your feelings of safety, security, calmness and confidence.  Although having that support is nice and we'll show you how to enhance that too.

Your birth experience and how you interpret it is solely down to you.  Your birth experience is what you make it regardless of where you are and who is with you.  And that may sound a little scary at first but trust me when I say this, its actually a lot easy, and enjoyable and most importantly effective than you think.

With over a decade of experience working with anxiety and birth we have everything you need for a positive birth.  Thats the antenatal education, the hypnosis for birth and my secret sauce for eliminating anxiety for years to come.

Don't just expect your birth to turn out okay, take the action to achieve it in advance.  Start with our free quiz and video series which will highlight the natural style thinking you adopt for birth and how it can affect  your birth and of course what to do about it.


Watch: The Wright Stuff: Hypnobirthing with Gisele Bundchen & Nadia Sawalha

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