If you're worried about being booked in for an induction I want you to know they can be positive.  Before you book in for yours make sure you have asked all the right questions and are happy with the choice you make.

The tools and techniques you have learned in our courses will be even more profound during an induction.  But dont take my word for it.  You can read Rosalyn and baby Sebastian's Positively Blooming Birth story here

Hi Sarah, just wanted to let you know how things went. The pessary started my labour with contractions after 14hrs of it in. My waters broke about 6hrs after that. I then had regular contractions 6mins apart for about 45mins apart but then contractions totally stopped. After 24hrs of pessary in they decided I would be put on the drip to start it off again.. So far I'd had no pain relief.

I got put on the syntocinon drip at 7pm at a small dose. At 12ml per hour (max normally 20)I still wasn't experiencing any pain from contractions but the monitor on me showed I was having them and the midwife could feel them. I was so relaxed I couldn't feel anything. They had to up me to a further prescribed level of 24ml per hour of syntocinon which finally got the contractions off to a flying start. I lasted with my breathing and your techniques for 6hrs before I would use gas and air. I lasted on gas and air for 2hrs before I asked for an epidural. I had no gaps between surges and it felt like things were cracking on at one hell of a pace.

The anaesthetist wasn't available for a couple of hours as was in theatre. Once the anaesthetist arrived to do the epidural it was 5am and I'd been in labour virtually just using the techniques you taught me. He was amazed that I'd gone that long on the highest dose of drip with no pain relief!

Unfortunately it took 5 goes to get the epidural in but I was so zoned into relaxing and not moving for the epidural that I almost stopped feeling the contractions again.

Once the epidural was in I then relaxed again but my body stopped having the regular contractions again and at my exam (5pm nearly 24hrs on the drip) we found out I was only 3.5cm dilated and my cervix had swollen and got thicker. At that point we knew I had to have a C-section.

I was still able to use those techniques to get me through the mort relaxing major surgery and my little boy was delivered quickly and straight into recovery. We tried skin to skin with me but they hadnt left quite enough room for that so my husband took his scrub top off and held our little boy inches from my face while I got stitched up.

Sebastian was born at 7:51pm on Thursday 25th October. In recovery we did skin to skin immediately and he successfully breast fed from both sides. Without doubt I would have had a much more traumatic induction if I'd not got my HELP and BRAINS mnemonics and my breathing techniques sorted out.

He wasn't big so the reason for induction was a total waste of time (was born 7lb 1oz) and apart from a brief scare down in NICU at 24hrs old, as his sugar levels dropped to 1.7 and they kept hold of him for 3 hours he is doing well, is a totally relaxed and happy baby.

Thank you for your course, expertise and Facebook group xxx

Congratulations to Rosalyn, mr. Rosalyn and baby Sebastian Thank you for sharing your birth story with us. Sebastian is gorgeous and you were brilliant ❤️

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