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Discover if Emotional Health Coaching is for You?

Join Our Friendly 5 Day Coach Training Challenge

Our Emotional Health Coach Training week is 5 days of challenges, self awareness and in depth discovery in a supportive community, designed to help you uncover your true coaching potential.

Do you find your current balance of work and family commitments make you feel overwhelmed?

Are you seeking out a career with purpose and passion, keen to  improve the lives of others?

Would you like to discover more about emotional health coaching and how it will work for you? 

Maybe you currently provide a service to women, and are you fed up with not being able to support all their emotional needs and further serve your community?

Perhaps you've looked at other ways to extend your business and career opportunity but they lack the fun, freedom and flexibility you crave for your family?

You are in the right place ... 

What to expect during the free 5-day coach training challenge

We'll guide you through a process that'll highlight your true coaching calling.

I'll be in the group live every day to help you make positive and empowering shifts in your personal development and discover if you have what it takes to run a successful emotional health coaching business.

There is a fantastic, supportive community of likeminded passionate women for you to engage and evolve with.

The week is open to any one with a strong desire to champion women's emotional health and drive to run their own successful, family friendly coaching business. 

Time left to sign up to the Coach Training Challenge:


Sign up to the Coach Training Challenge now

This challenge will help you to...

Gain clarity on who you are and want you want for your family, life and business.

Showcase exactly how many transferable skills you already have to become a successful emotional health coach. 

Start to put in place some of the essential ingredients that'll help you build a sustainable business. 

The challenge is designed to give you a basic understanding of how you tick.  It'll also allow you to see for yourself if emotional health coaching is the right next move for you, without investing heavily in training first.  

Give yourself the opportunity to see how you can build a sustainable and flexible business around your family based on clients that forever refer you because of the way you have positively impacted their lives.

It's easy to get started!

The challenge takes place in a private Facebook group.  Each day a new video is loaded into the group with the daily task. I will be in the group each day to answer any questions you may have. 

By the end of the week you'll be able to answer the question "Should I stay as I am or become an emotional health coach and create a family friendly, flexible business that can evolve as my family grows?"

And whichever answer you decide is right for you, you'll know it's the one that'll take you on a path that lights you up most, creating the life you dream of for you and your family.

Sign up to the Coach Training Challenge now

Who is Sarah? 

Sarah is mum to two beautiful children, wife to a welsh man (we won't hold that against him though) and lover of dogs, especially King Charles Cavaliers Spaniels.  

After experiencing and overcoming post natal anxiety 10 years ago Sarah has spent the last decade supporting women in her busy and successful business.  

Ready to make an even bigger impact in the world Sarah opened The Emotional Health Coaching Academy this year.  The Emotional Health Coach training programme supports women who want to expand their skill-set and have access to a programme that will facilitate self-empowerment in not only themselves, but also create a beautiful ripple effect among their community. 

Think running a coaching business isn't for you?

As a women's emotional health coach you'll be able to...

Achieve amazing outcomes for your clients and in doing so become the very best version of yourself, as you meet your needs and the needs of your family.

Build a profitable and flexible business based on clients that forever refer you because of the way you have positively impacted their lives.

Have complete flexibility around your family commitments and a business that can evolve as your family grows. 

Something still holding you back?

I want you to know that I'll be putting in 100% effort for this week and expect the same from you.   In doing so you'll discover a new layer of self understanding, confidence and clarity.  Ready to take the path that lights you up most, ready to create a life you dream of for you and your family.

It's free and it's only 5 days ...

Join the Coach Training Challenge now!