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Anxiety Disorder – what is it?

Everybody suffers from anxiety at sometimes in their lives and for many people, it is a daily occurrence. However, sufferers of GAD feel in a near constant state of anxiety or stress which will interfere with many areas of their life. They experience excessive anxiety and worry about events or activities most days of the week for at least six months.

People with anxiety feel out of control of their thinking – even though they may appreciate that their anxiety is more intense than the situation warrants. They can’t relax, startle easily, and have difficulty concentrating. Often they have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. Physical symptoms that often accompany general anxiety disorder include palpitations, fatigue, Irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, muscle tension, shaking, twitching, irritability, sweating, nausea or having to go to the bathroom often.

What causes anxiety and panic?

Anxiety does not just happen to us – it doesn’t appear out of the blue, even though that’s how it may seem. Negative, stressful thoughts are generated by unhelpful belief systems, which is why we can be quite unaware of them and the damage they do. Sufferers of anxiety are constantly occupying their minds with negative, catastrophic thoughts, either by worrying about situations that may occur (‘anticipatory anxiety’) or worrying that they don’t have the ability to cope with their current situation, eg, at work, with friends, etc (‘real time anxiety’).

At the very heart of anxiety lies a lack of self belief: sufferers lack of belief in themselves and their ability to cope, which is why they spend a lot of time doubting themselves, berating themselves and planning for worst case scenarios. Another major component of general anxiety is social anxiety – feeling judged and worried about how others may perceive them. This also stems for self esteem issues: when we feel confident in our own skin, we feel confident around others.

Panic Attacks

If you’ve suffered a panic attack, you’ll understand the fear and anxiety they cause. They’re very common and symptoms include palpitations, shortness of breath – hyperventilating, sweating and feelings of loss of control. Every symptom you experience during an attack is a natural, harmless part of your body’s fight-or-flight reaction – but can very frightening at the time as you feel so out of control.

Panic symptoms are the direct result of the hormone adrenaline which is released when you perceive that you are in danger. With the release of adrenaline, your blood pressure increases and breathing speeds up preparing you for muscular effort. Although the feelings you experience are very unpleasant, they will do you no harm. You will not die, lose control or have a heart attack.

However, the fear of having a panic attack can often lead to the desire to avoid certain situations or even forcing yourself into feared situations but feeling full of dread and anxiety. You may well be building up anxiety about a situation days or weeks in advance but feel unable to change the way you think about it…

How do we help you overcome anxiety and panic?

If you are suffering from anxiety or panic, then this programme is all about YOU! This is a unique and highly effective six-eight session training programme where I will teach you how to develop good self esteem and feel in control of yourself and your life. Discover how to completely change the way you think and feel about yourself and challenging situations, overcome your symptoms and live a happier and positive life.

When you genuinely understand how your mind works, i.e. the interaction between your thinking, your beliefs and your feelings, you feel much more in control and empowered. When you recognise that nearly all of your problems, stresses, symptoms and ill-health are either caused or made worse by poorly-managed thinking, you feel fantastic … because you caused these problems, then you can change them!

The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course is an empowering and liberating psychological training program which, with your input, will allow you to overcome anxiety, and feel much more in control in your life. You’ll find that its much simpler and faster than you may have ever believed to take control and get the life you want.

Isn’t your programme similar to CBT?

The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course is entirely different to techniques such as NLP or CBT, even if on the surface they may sound similar.

The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course doesn’t just focus upon giving a person some isolated insights, tools and techniques to cope with a symptom or problem. These approaches are ‘fire-fighting’ – trying to control or reduce the anxiety AFTER we have already created it by our thinking. Often people tire quickly of having to maintain this level of effort of fending of negative thoughts. The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course is about Thriving and overcoming symptoms is just a part of that. It is about creating strong psychological foundations (eg, good self esteem) so that we are not creating anxiety. You don’t need to fire-fight if you are not setting fires in the first place.

The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course is a comprehensive training course, which provides people with unique self-insights that enables them to develop the beliefs, resources and motivation to build resilience and make positive changes across all areas of their lives. It is of limited value teaching you any sort of ‘positive thinking’ or CBT or NLP techniques unless you understand the component parts of your thinking and beliefs that continue to create the anxiety. If you are not able to understand or alter the driving forces behind your symptoms or anxiety, it can feel as though you are ‘treading water’ trying to fend off negative thoughts.

The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course is a life-changing psychological training programme that empowers you with the skills, insights and resources in order to take control of your life, overcome any symptoms or problems you have, and thrive!

What You’ll Get When You Work With Sarah

  • Book you consultation today it's 100% free with no obligation  to enrol on The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course.  During the consultation you will get the chance to explain what Anxiety & Panic Attacks are really like for you and then we can plan a way forward for you.  You can learn how to get relief from Anxiety & Panic and truely enjoy your life to its fullest!
  • After your consultation, if you choose to enrol on the Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course with me, I'll take you step-by-step through the programme.   You will gain invaulable self insight in order to RESOLVE your Depression and truely flouish.
  • You'll also get full support from me via email or telephone between the sessions and at a later date a follow up session to ensure you continue to SHINE in all areas of your life. 

The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course is a simple, empowering psychological coaching course, that you can master in 6-8 weeks.  Learn how to overcome your Anxiety & Panic Attacks and any other related symptons that you may have.  

Here's a break down of what you'll get:

  • 6 - 8 1-2-1 Personal Coaching Sessions with me via Skype
  • Digital Copies of All the Support Materials & Activity Books
  • Ongoing support via email or telephone in-between sessions
  • Follow-up session after completion of the course

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Take control of Anxiety & Panic Attacks in just 6-8 weeks...

The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course is a personal training course for the mind- just like your relationship with a personal trainer.  You will be taught everything you need to know in order to: let go of your anxiety, let go of the past, supercharge your self esteem, and self confidence, overcome any social anxiety, self consciousness or fear you maybe holding onto and optimise your cognitive skills, emotions and beliefs...everything you need to do in order for you to OVERCOME Anxiety & Panic Attacks, to feel powerful and take control of your life.

Your Investment for The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course is a one off payment of £795

It's Absolutely Life Changing

Our Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course empowers you.  You will gain the self insight, resources & skill set needed in order to get relief from your Anxiety & Panic Attacks, overcome any sympoms or problems you have in relation to your Anxiety & Panic Attacks and take control of all areas your life!

  • You will feel naturally vibrant, powerful and very much in control.
  • You will be able to choosing to experience your life in positive, supportive and empowering way.
  • You will be keep perspective and manage your natural style of thinking.
  • Challenge any unsupportive beliefs you hold about yourself and life so you no longer experience overwelheming worries, stresses, anxiety or other problems.

Working with me will allow you the skills to remain optimistic, energetic and positive as a result of the insights and knowledge acquired through our time working together.

Imagine how that will feel for you, to be able to embrace the challenges in your life with enthusiasm, instead of avoidance, reluctance and fear.

During our time working together we will identify what is holding you back or causing your problems in your life and develop the skills and resources you need to change it.

It's not your fault...

We are all susceptible to mismanaging our natural style of thinking and the beliefs systems we hold to be true about ourselves and about our capabilities in life.  Unfortunately this mismanaged thinking just creeps up on us until one day we are experiencing the symptoms in an overwhelming way.

But it doesn't have to be this way.  By taking action you can learn to overcome your Depression and any other anxiety and related symptoms simply by rebuilding and strengthening the way you think.

Unwittingly, we create, maintain and exaggerate many of the symptoms we suffer from in life by the way we think and the stories we tell ourselves about what beliefs we hold to be true about us.    However, just like most things in life it can be easily changed as you tweak your thoughts and re-learn new ways of thinking and being.  New patterns of behaviour that support you and move you forward in life.

This is not a dress rehearsal so why settle for an average, stressed, unhappy or unfulfilling life - you've only got one shot at it?

Experience your life at its very best, feel powerful, in control and truly shine in all areas of life!

I can guide you through this life-changing phase. its easy, effective and enjoyable.  Once you get going there really is nothing left to hold you back from achieving anything you set your mind too.  ...take the first step and get in touch with me today.

An easy effective and enjoyable approach to achieving lasting happiness, health and success in all areas of your life including pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

How we will work?

Firstly, I recommend you book in for a consultation. A consultation is really just an informal chat which will give you the opportunity to tell it how it really is for you. Then we will plan a way forward for you.  You can book your time to chat with me here.  Once you've clicked the link you'll be taken to the online diary, select the time and date that suits you best and fill in the short form which simply requests some basic contact information in preparation for our chat.

Remember consultations are complimentary and with no obligation to proceed so treat it as a fact finding mission to find out if this course of action is suitable for you.

During the consultation we will discuss any issues or symptons that you may be suffering with and I'll explain how these can be driven and exaggerated by psychological and/or emotional forces. I'll also explain to you through a personalised action plan how you can learn to manage your thoughs, emotions and beliefs so that you regain control in all areas of your life.

If you choose to go ahead...

Using a combination of hypnotherapy, applied psychology and evidence based research we will overcome your symptoms.  Dramatically reduce your anxieties, stresses and strains so that when you encounter the challenges of life, you will have the skills and resources to take anything on, with pride and complete confidence.

Your journey to living a fulfilling life will be different for everyone else, we all have different starting points.  You might have been suffering from Anxiety & Panic Attacks for years or your Anxiety & Panic Attacks may have started in last few months, it really doesn't matter.  Working through The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course with me will help you to see a clear path forward that will not only enable you to overcome your Anxiety & Panic Attacks and any other anxiety or stress related symptoms that you are currently encountering, but - even better - to go on to shine through your life as new mum or mum-to-be.

What to expect...

My clients completing The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course usually report feeling significantly better in a matter of weeks, and the programme is carefully designed to be easy, effective and enjoyable, ensuring your sucess.

I have helped many women just like you overcome a host of personal difficulties.  I am skilled in tailoring The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course so that it is effective for YOU, helping you to gain self-insight and to develop YOUR skills that are integral to the course.

Our personal coaching sessions take between 6-8 sessions to complete, we work on a 1-2-1 basis via Skype.  Most people spread the training over six-eight weeks but we can space them out longer if necessary.

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It really is easy once you know how...

Work with me if Anxiety & Panic Attacks or other anxiety based symptoms are holding you back but you feel powerless to change them.  Work with me if you feel that there is no way out from where currently are.

Like most people, when plagued with Anxiety & Panic Attacks or other anxiety based symptoms you often think there isn't a choice and believe you're stuck with your current symptons, worries.   Like most people, you probably feel as though you are powerless to change your situation.  There is plenty of research that shows this is exactly what the majority of people who are suffer with anxious and stresses related symptoms believe (for example, Abrahamsson et al., 2002; Edwards et al., 2007; Walters and Charles, 1997; and Seaman and Lewis, 1995).

However, although you - and millions of other people like you - believe this, you are acually wrong in your assumptions.  You actually DO have the power to change your situation and to shine in all areas of your life BUT you haven't had the opportunity to recognise those skills.

People - just like  you - have worked with me and overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks and learned to truly shine in all areas of their life.

Kat say ...

Can't recommend Sarah highly enough - totally changed my life and helped me with anxiety and depression

Work with me and see how easy, effective and enjoyable it is for you fly through The Positively Blooming Positive Applied Psychology Coaching Course and learn the skills to you need to shine in a few short weeks ... there really is no reason why you should have to suffer with your Anxiety & Panic Attacks or other anxiety related symptoms any longer.  Better still, get shining and have the very best pregnancy, birth and life as a new mother you could have!

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Our personal coaching sessions take between 6-8 sessions to complete, we work on a 1-2-1 basis via Skype.  Most people spread the training over six-eight weeks but we can space them out longer if necessary.

Book your complimentary call today & let's get you flourishing in all areas of your life.

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