Imagine for a moment that you had the power to wave a magic wand and conjure up a sustainable business that was flexible around your family.

What that would mean to you? 

A fulfilling career supporting others, working in a job that allows you to flex your mind muscle.  Waking up every morning with a renewed sense of energy, drive and independence. Looking forward to the day ahead of you.

Never having to miss Sports Day. Always being there for your children's school performances, parties and playdates.  Being available at the drop of a hat for them without having to ask someone for permission. 

Choosing hours that work around your family and bringing home an income that makes a real difference to your household.

Plus, all the free time and money you need to make those special memories.

All sound to good to be true?

Let me let you into a little secret ...

It's totally doable and something I've been doing for over a decade now.  

So if finding the elusive work-life-family balance is something you're searching for ... read on. 

What I'm about to share with you, really is life changing magic.  

The Stellar Coaching & Business Set Up System

To begin with, let’s take a look at our unique and powerful coaching formula.  

It’s been curated and adapted from many different schools of thought in positive applied psychology. 

On its own it’s a massively powerful programme that facilitates profound change in our clients.  Not only that it’ll also allow you to cast out any woes you might have yourself, and go on to coach to a high standard.  

But the coach training on it's own isn't enough!

You need clients to turn your passion into a business.  

And this is where our Rapid Business Growth System comes into place. 

With our complete system you’ll be propelled into the world of coaching like a firework. Leaving a trail of twinkling stars behind you.   

And you could go so far as to think of each one of those stars as a client that will forever refer you because of the positive impact you’ve had on their lives. 

My stellar Coaching & Business Set Up System is a complete programme that'll leave you with a sustainable coaching business that adapts with the ever changing needs of your growing family.  

This is important because without a steady flow of clients you won’t get that independence you crave, that time your desire to spend with your family or that opportunity to go out and about exploring in this big and beautiful world of ours, creating those long lasting memories with your children.  

But before I enlighten you further I want to share a few emotional health facts with you

  • 1 in 4 people in the UK have problems with their emotional health
  • I in 6 adults reporting a common mental health disorder, such as anxiety, in the last week
  • 47% of women who need mental health services found it 'difficult' or 'very difficult' to get support.
  • 75% of all mental health problems are established by the age 24
  • 30% of people with any long-term physical health conditions also have a poor mental health
  • About 8 in 10 people who have autoimmune diseases have experienced emotional stress before the onset of the disease

With these high numbers in the uk alone, and the decrease in funding in the NHS there’s never been a time where private practitioners have been so needed.  

The natitive around mental health is changing, and people are becoming more and more aware that their emotional health, their mental and physical health is their responsibility.  

And with the right help more and more people are taking the necessary steps to improve theirs.

And this is why I created

Inside the The Academy you'll complete The Stellar Coaching & Business Set Up Programme

Learn and share the wisdom from our coaching programme which has been curated and adapted from modern schools of thought in positive applied psychology. 

Run a business that empower you to be financially independent and contribute to the household expenses, days out, holidays and special moments in life.

Work fully flexible hours that allow you to be there at a drop of a hat for your family and never miss a special assembly, sports day or end of term production.

Enjoy a career with a purpose doing meaning work and create a beautiful ripple effect among your community.

 Have all the time, money and energy to enjoy adventure in all areas of your life.

The Stellar System consists of four pillars taking you both personally and professionally on a journey from trainee to trainer

Theory -

Here you will learn our methodology. 

We'll take you through the theory that sits behind our powerful and unique formula.  

It’s a curation and adaptation from various schools of thought in positive applied psychology.  

We only use proven frameworks, and take a timeless approach to mindset training.

Application - 

This is where you’ll develop your own mind wand and put everything you’ve learned into practical application.  

You’ll find your own formula to happy, healthy and wealthy life and be in the best possible place to coach to a high standard.

As we take a deep dive into the many emotional health challenges faced by women today.    

These include: Anxiety, Stress, Panic Disorder, Depression, Fertility, Tokophobia, PostNatal Depression, Emetophobia, Vaginismus, Insomnia, Emotional Eating, to name a few.

Launch -

For a sustainable business there are certain foundations that need to be put in place.  

This is where we find the sweet spot between you and your clients. 

We’ll discover your niche, build up a picture of your ideal client and create client conscious content to build up those beautiful conversations.  

All awhile we will build putting systems in place to bring ease and flow into your business. 

Once these pieces are in place you will be ready to move forward once more.

Grow - 

The growth phase is where you get experience everything you wished for.  

Financial independence, time for your family to share great experiences and a purposeful career with clients that forever refer you because of the positive impact you've had on their lives.

Our promise to you is that by the end of the six-month period you’ll be in a position to earn in excess of 2.5K per month whilst only working 15 focused hours per week


Our training programme includes:

  • Our training Programme is delivered to you in personalised one-to-one training sessions.  
  • With easily digestible modules that build upon each other to increase your depth of knowledge and mastery of application of the formula.  
  • Leaving you ready to confidently deliver the programme to your clients.
  • Personalised training with 3x 45 minute 1-2-1 video calls each month for six months 
  • Learn theory from many schools of thought including hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy  & coaching
  • Weekly group Q&A sessions in our private coaching community Facebook group
  • Unlimited access to our learning portal packed full of video, audio & PDF trainings
  • Done for you materials to use with your clients and option to brand them as your own
  • Personal and professional mentoring as you progress from trainee to trainer
  • Our professionally crafted business 90 Day Rapid Growth System will equip you with everything you need to build strong foundations. 
  • Set up time saving systems and processes in your business so you can properly relax and enjoy your free time.!
  • Our training includes hypnobirthing practitioner status, a fantastic addition to any women's health and well being business

Complete either a written assessment or audio presentation demonstrating your depth of knowledge  

Here's What Our Coaches Are Saying About Our Training Programme


This was definitely the right path for me and an investment worth making,

 Sarah’s enthusiasm and coaching helped me to see I could succeed.

In the past I have always struggled with motivation but this course felt different, I felt motivated to complete it not just to become a coach myself but for my own emotional health too.

I'm absolutely loving the training! Sarah is a fab teacher and the course content is fascinating.  I've learnt a heap about myself along the way. I never dreamt I'd be where I am today when I started.  

I've found the courage to do public speaking.  Quit smoking. And started up my coaching business from scratch.  I really recommend this training it is literally life-changing. - Kimberley Boyd


I'm absolutely loving the training! Sarah is a fab teacher and the course content is fascinating.  I've learnt a heap about myself along the way. I never dreamt I'd be where I am today when I started.  

I've found the courage to do public speaking.  Quit smoking. And started up my coaching business from scratch.  I really recommend this training it is literally life-changing. - Naomi Buffery

When I initially signed up for this coach training course, it was to help other women that came across my path in a professional setting to offer them a more rounded package of care.  

If I never, ever use this to coach anyone else (although I sincerely hope that I do),I have been on such an incredible journey myself of understanding my own mind much better that is has been invaluable.

Sarah Marsden

Ready to create a purpose driven coaching business that fit around your family?


Training Investment is £3500

Why should you book that call?

Because life's too short! 

I know it's a cliche but you really do only get one life.  So why not live a life you love on purpose.  

When the children are small the nights can seem really long but those days pass by incredibly quickly.  

As an Emotional Health Coach you can manifest your days as you want them to be.  Days where you get to flex your mind muscle, build a career with a purpose. Be there for your children at the drop of a hat.

And bring home an income that makes a significant difference to your household. 

Book that call, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!