The course is split up into six easy to follow modules (there's no need to bombard you with all the information in one go as you maybe overwhelmed).  The Welcome and Introduction  is there for you immediately when you enrol.  The subsequent six modules will follow at weekly intervals.  Just like this:

Welcome & Introduction

Your Birth Preparation for Overly Anxious Minds Course is waiting for you as soon as you enrol.  Find out what to expect and how to proceed. To get the best out of this course do not skip this part!  Get stuck in and make the commitment to yourself and your baby with your Birth Preparation Introduction Handbook. Get a taste for relaxation and start preparing for your baby birth immediately with your Deep Relaxation MP3.

Module 1: The Belief Systems, Release & Reclaim

Before you can pave the way for a positive birth experience, one where you feel in-control, calm, safe and supported you have got to clear out the crap and start with a clean slate - release and reclaim thoughts and emotions that support and help you achieve the birth you desire.

BONUS: The Mind At Work

  • Beliefs & The Medical Profession
  • Beliefs & The Media
  • Wiping The Slate Clean
  • Why No Two Births Are The Same
  • The Experiment
  • Coue's Law
  • Demystifying Hypnosis

Module 2: The Anxiety Spectrum, Manage & Resolve Anxiety

Step away from the high alert setting once and for all.  Find your new normal and enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy in a state of calmness and relaxation that trickles through to your baby. Build birth confidence and greatly reduce your levels of stress, anxiety, worry and panic for good.

BONUS: The Physiology of Birth

  • Positions for Pregnancy & Birth
  • Optimal Position for Baby
  • Estimated Due Dates
  • Labour - a Rule of Thumb
  • Muscles of the Uterus
  • Hormones for Birth
  • The Golden Hour

Module 3: The Emotional Control Spectrum, Creating Resilience & Power

Discover what you can and can't control in labour, and in life.  Free yourself from those unhelpful, unsupportive, out-of-control thoughts and beliefs and create your own empowering support system.  Ensure that out of control experiences are a thing of the past.

BONUS: Tools & Techniques for A Positive Birth

  • Breathing for Birth
  • Distraction Techniques
  • Natural Pain Management
  • Visualisation Techniques
  • Affirmations
  • Deep Relaxation Guides
  • Step-by-Step Self Relaxation Techniques
  • Thought Filter

Module 4: Natural Thinking Styles, Identify & Enhance 

Get up close and personal with your natural style of thinking, identify your strengths and step into your power.  Choose the path of least resistance every time enjoying the positive impact it has on you and your baby.

BONUS: Birth Partners Support

  • Prepare for Parenting MP3
  • Taking care of yourself in labour
  • Supporting  your partner in pregnancy & birth
  • Massage for relaxation and pain management
  • Safety, Security & Support Guide
  • Communicating with ease
  • Practical Stuff (lots of)

Module 5: The Social Pressure Gage, Creating Confidence & Independence

Limit your response to social pressure, by reducing your self conscious reactions, gaining self confidence and making independent informed choices that are right for you and your family.  Make discussions easy in pregnancy, labour and enjoy relaxed and happy parenting.

BONUS: Approach your Cesarean with Confidence

  • Cesarean Birth Plan
  • Cesarean Planning Activity Book
  • Preparing for Cesearean Relaxation MP3

BONUS: Turning Breech A Baby

  • Breech Baby Relaxation MP3
  • Turning your baby Activity Book

Module 6: The Self Esteem Battery, Recharge & Replenish

Reboot and raise your self-esteem battery with our two week turn around system, goodbye self doubt and hello self confidence. Learn a new language - one of self support and encouragement.


  • LIVE Q&A With Our Practicing Academic Midwife
  • New Mummy Resources Delivered Once Your Baby Has Arrived
  • Breast-Feeding Trouble Shooting Guide
  • Private Supportive Facebook Group
  • Weekly Q&A sessions