Help With Fertility

The positively Blooming Formula is a emotional health and well-being support system for women that builds on calmness and courage as they meet the challenges that inherently display themselves when struggling to conceive. 

Improving your emotional health through this turbulent time in your life maximises your chances of having a baby. By managing the impact that stress, unhelpful emotions, negative beliefs and past upsets can have on your fertility journey.

As well as helping to manage ‘unexplained’ infertility and to conceive naturally, the formula also helps those either considering or undergoing assisted conception – such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, GIFT etc.

How does stress affect the reproductive system?

In small doses, experiencing stress is essential for your survival and your body’s chemical response will provide you with the strength, stamina and motivation you need to meet the challenges of life.  

However, ongoing stress, caused by unresolved emotional upset makes this state almost consistent. 

The impact of this constant state makes changes to your heart-rate and breathing which diverts of blood and energy away from your digestive, reproductive and immune systems to your arms and legs, ready for the 'flight or fright' state to kick in.  

When in overdrive the  ‘stress response’ can slow down or stop your hormone production; lowers your immunity,  leaving you vulnerable to infections such as cystitis, urethritis and thrush.  And reduces blood flow to your reproductive organs.

How does emotional stress affect fertility?

Holding on to unhelpful and unsupportive beliefs can manifest unhealthy emotions such as, fear, jealousy, guilt, apprehension, frustration and depression.

Left unresolved, these underlying anxieties, along with the everyday stressful situations that arise, effectively exhaust your adrenal glands.  Compromising your immunity, reproductive capabilities and general wellbeing.

By addressing your emotional health and greatly reducing your levels or anxiety and stress you are improving your fertility options.  Developing strong foundations for a healthy approach to challenging situations you may find yourself in.

The Positively Blooming Formula Helps By...

  • Reduces stress & increases relaxation.
  • Identifies & resolves emotional or psychological blocks that may be impacting your fertility journey. 
  • Restore balance in your nervous, endocrine & immune systems.
  • Build healthy connections in your mind and body, improving self awareness and self understanding.  
  • Minimises unhelpful, unsupportive thoughts and emotions.
  • Increases a sense of calmness, confidence & self-esteem.
  • Motivates you to make any necessary lifestyle changes to your diet and physical health. 
  • Allows you to wipe the slate clean of any past upsets.
  • Overcome fears and phobia that come with some fertility procedures. 
  • Builds emotional resilience.
  • Positively manage any assisted conception treatments.
  • Improves relationships by relieving the pressure of scheduled & stressful sexual intimacy.  

Can you help with my Fertility journey?

Yes. The Positively Blooming Formula walks you through the seven pillars to self-empowerment, providing you with a powerful and unique formula that creates a strong foundation in your emotional health and help you positively manage your fertility journey.

It's a unique to you formula that highlights your hidden strengths allowing you to take the path of least resistance every time you face one of life's turbulant challenges. Therefore, reducing any stress, anxiety, worry or tension your holding on to.

An easy, effective and enjoyable process that wipes the sate clean on your unhelpful thought and behavioural patterns.  Whilst enhancing those that support good emotional health.  Building new beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that support you in achieving an positive fertility journey.

The Positively Blooming Formula is a mindset training programme that will improve your fertility experience.  

How Much Does The Positively Blooming Formula Cost?

Your investment for the Positively Blooming Formula is £395 for an 8-week course.

What's Included in The Positively Blooming Formula?

You'll get weekly sessions with Sarah online via video call.  Followed up with access to our comprehensive course materials found in our online portal that you can revisit as often as you want to.  Plus, continued access to our client Facebook group.

How Do I Get Started?

Book an initial consultation today.  It's free and great opportunity for you can ask all your questions and make sure this is the right next move for you.

To arrange a friendly complimentary consultation either email me or book a consultation using the dairy below: