Hi I’m Kimberley, Mum of two beautiful girls and owner of Snuggles and Smiles Baby Classes & Doula Services.

I have a background of working in early years. After having my second daughter I suffered from bad anxiety and postnatal depression, I found a baby massage class which helped us to bond and give me space to ‘find my village’, it became my weekly support.

I decided to train in baby massage and baby yoga back in 2013 and set up my own business in 2014 and embarked on a journey to help other mothers and provide  them a safe space each week.

My business has grown massively since then and I have completed many different training courses to further my skill set and create the business it is today.

I am now a birth and postnatal Doula, trained in breastfeeding support, antenatal education, support through baby loss, aromatherapy for birth and now hypnobirthing and Women’s emotional health coaching.

I am passionate about supporting women and their family before during and after the birth of a baby. Providing emotional, physical and informational support.

Helping women to see their true potential and feel empowered. Sharing their journey is a real honour and I feel blessed to have the best job in the world, If you would like more information I’d love to chat with you.