hypnobirthing taster sessionHypnobirthing is reaching a tipping point, everyone is making it a part of their birth plan.  And rightly so!  

Hypnobirthing is perfect for you if you are planning a home birth, water birth, hospital birth, induction or c-section.

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What my hypnobirthing mums say...

The midwife said afterwards that my birth was so calm she was going to use hypnobirthing herself (she was pregnant). I remember it as a beautiful experience and even though things went wrong I was so calm and focused throughout. I only had gas and air, and I truly believe that had I not been hypnobirthing I would have required much more intervention.

Thank you Sarah!

Louise, Chris & baby Arthur

Hi Sarah. So sorry for the delay in getting this to you (the last few days have been a bit hectic!) but our beautiful baby daughter Thea Cholmondeley-Smith was born at 00:02 on 27/10/16, at home in the birthing pool and after just a 4hr17minute labour! That evening I was at my weekly pregnancy yoga class when my waters broke. I'd had a very calm relaxed day with no twinges so it was a bit of a surprise to say the least! I had very much expected that contractions would start first so this did panic me a bit. I used breathing and repeated positive affirmations to myself to get myself home. As soon as I stepped into the house greeted by my husband my contractions began and they were just 3mins apart and strong. Again this all seemed much faster that I had I had thought it would be so again a bit of fear and panic set in.

We notified the on call midwives who would take at least an hour or so to arrive having to travel some distance. I was worried that they wouldn't arrive in time. But aided by the birthing MP3 and my husband I managed to get my breathing in check and settle into a state of relative calm to start dealing with each contraction. My husband got the pool filled up in record time and I was in there and in full blown labour getting ready to push when the midwives turned up, with Reuben by my side talking me through each contraction, massaging my back (which really helped!), surrounded by candles. The midwives were very impressed by how calm everything was. I must admit I didn't think I felt that calm but I do remember being very focused on the task in hand. Thea was born naturally using just gas and air after a couple of hours of pushing and there was very little intervention from the midwives who were just brilliant! And they commented on how chilled and relaxed Thea was when she arrived.

Thank you so much for all the help in preparing us for our hypnobirthing journey. Whilst I can't say my experience was pain free, there is no way I would have managed to have had the natural, focused birth experience I had wanted without having practiced the techniques you taught. Let's hoped I can carry these techniques through the continuing journey ! Jemima xxx

Jemima, Reuben & baby Thea

Following an easy pregnancy the last 2 weeks were a bit of a rollercoaster as scans showed Grace may be a little small and need to come out early- I had hoped for a natural birth but started to prepare myself for what needed to happen to get her hear safely and used hypnobirthing to stay calm and make sure I was relaxed and asking the right questions and using my 'brain'!

As it turned out Grace had other ideas too! We went in to hospital to get induced on Saturday morning at exactly 40weeks and had a relaxing day with not much happening, the MP3s helped me to stay calm and relaxed while we waited around the ward for things to start. Later that evening I had a few twinges but nothing painful so breathed through it, stayed calm and used a tens machine for back ache. I had a couple of hours sleep and by 2am it was a little more painful so got up and walked around the hospital breathing through the contractions (although I still didn't really think they were contractions as the pain was manageable). Things progressed rapidly with my waters breaking at 3.45am and from there contractions came thick and fast, breathing helped lots as did moving around and changing positions, and just over and hour later I was ready to push and Grace started making her way onto the world naturally.

I had no time for pain relief as things moved so quickly and I didn't feel like I couldn't cope, I just kept breathing deeply and trying to keep my body relaxed and my mind on board. I was able to make the choices I needed to for both Grace and I and support her safe arrival to the world.

Sophie, Rob & baby Grace