Hi! I am Sarah.

Wife and a mama to three children.

We have taken up residence Nottinghamshire, and there I share my life with my human family and a little menagerie of animals from guinea pigs to dogs(flat coated retrievers are my hound of choice).

I also work as a doula and Mizan Therapist.

Life in the childbearing years hasn’t been plain sailing. I have suffered various fertility/female health set backs due to issues such as endometriosis.

In the first year given my ill health, I felt like I was constantly failing at motherhood. I could never live up to my own expectations and always felt guilty that I wasn’t being mum enough for my daughter. It was a long road for me to come to a place of acceptance, and I wish I had had access to this coaching back then.

I would have thrived in my motherhood journey much sooner.

And this is what I want for you.

I want you to thrive.

I want you to shake off the feelings of guilt that come with either not being able to conceive that much wanted baby or that come with feeling totally lost and bewildered in your role as a mother.

You’re here, reading this because you want change, you want something more for yourself. Let me take your hand and walk with you and guide you on this path to freedom from the emotional health issues that you’re facing.

We’ve got 8 wonderful weeks together in which you will learn how you can totally transform your thinking and banish those anxieties and stresses.

We can do this online where you can sit in the comfort of your own home and your favourite chair (or bed!) or we can work together in person as well.

You can also choose to have the coaching as a stand alone investment or combine it with other therapies I offer.

I can’t wait to hear from you, and to witness you stepping into your transformed life.

Sarah x

Email :sarah-marsden@hotmail.com