Overcome Vaginismus

Do you suffer with vaginismus making it impossible for you to get pregnant?

Or Maybe you've started to  suffer with vaginismus since giving birth?

Did you find the birth of your baby a traumatic experience?

Do you have difficulty inserting tampons?

Does having a pelvic or gynaecological exam fill you with dread because you just know you will experience pain and discomfort?

Do you avoid intercourse with your partner?

Do you experience involuntarily tightness or muscle spasms?

Do you experience vaginal burning, tightness and or discomfort?

Do you tolerate penetration with your partner but find it painful or uncomfortable ?

Are you under extra STRESS & PRESSURE at the moment that you find difficult to manage?

If you answered YES to more than a few of these questions then you are probably suffering with vaginismus.

Here's a explanation as to what vaginismus is?

Vaginismus is easy to overcome as it's a conditioned response that has been created by your mind-body connection.

The muscles in your body have learned to tense up in the anticipation of pain.  It doesn't need to happen often for it to become an automatic response that you feel you have no control over.

Just like when you blink your eye or turn your face away from an oncoming danger.

Vaginismus is when the outer third of the vaginal muscles tighten, often painfully.  When you are suffering with vaginismus you do not willfully or intentionally contract those vaginal muscles.

However, when the vagina is going to be penetrated, the muscles tighten spontaneously due to psychological or other reasons.

Vaginismus can occur under different circumstances. It can begin the first time vaginal penetration is attempted. This is known as "lifelong vaginismus."

Alternately, vaginismus can begin after a period of normal sexual functioning. This is known as "acquired-type vaginismus."

For some women, vaginal tightening occurs in all situations where vaginal penetration is attempted (generalized type).

For other women, it occurs in only one or a few situations, such as during a gynecological examination at the doctor's office, or with a specific sex partner (situational type).

Whilst the subject of Vaginismus is rarely spoken about many women suffer from it.  The suffering is unnecessary as there is a way forward, you can overcome vaginismus in as little as six-sessions.  We use a combination of hypnotherapy and CBT to help you overcome your vaginismus.

Your first step to overcoming vaginismus is to book a consultation.  Consultations are free of charge, last around 30 minutes and during this time we can plan a way forward for you.

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Read Catherine's story here...

Catherine had a traumatic birth experience with her first baby that left her feeling tense at the though of any further vaginal examinations, penetration with her partner and even the thought of using of tampons made her feel uncomfortable.  She ignored all of these symptoms for over 12 months choosing instead to focus on her new baby and putting her own emotional and physical needs last before she plucked up the courage to get help.  After 6 sessions Catherine had completely overcome her vaginismus and now enjoys her life to the fullest.

Read Natalies's story here...

Natalie came to see me in her late 30’s.  She had been in a loving relationship for many years but had never had a full sexual relation with her partner.  Natalie believed she had ‘little bits” and so avoided tampons, gynaecological and pelvic examinations.  She was also unhappy in her job believing she wasn’t valued in the workplace.  After six sessions over eight weeks Natalie had completely overcome her vagnismus AND her social anxiety had also dissolved.  Natalie thrived in all areas of her life and won a recognition award for being an outstanding employee.

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